2019 12 Nexus Mission Prayer Requests

2019 12 Nexus Mission Prayer Requests

South Asia – Water City

Lewis & Lucy

  1. Personal & Family:
    • – Pray for Lewis’s mother’s physical recovery and spiritual improvement. No side effects during current hospitalization for chemotherapy.
    • Pray for the family has a more thirsty heart of God
    • More strength and inspiration for Lucy serve at home and take care of children
  2. MInistry:
    • Pray for their local ministry and local co-workers. May they willingly love God, attracted by the Lord and understand the truth.
    • People: Ask the Lord to attract people to him through visiting and care

Jeremy & Iris

  • Personal and family: Thanks for Jeremy has a new passport from his home country.
  • Pray for Jeremy see doctor for a right special contact lens (scleral lens)
  • Pray for Jeremy’s Water city visa application.

Friendship City

Giles & Joan Family

  • Personal & Family: Pray for his youngest son, who is faithful to his service here
  • Ministry: Pray for there are workers come to help
  • People: Pray for one University student, he is local people and the family has been with him for seven years.

Levant – Tree City

Peter & Sally

  • Personal & Family: Pray for the long-term visa that Sally is now applying for.
  • Pray for their daughter studies at school and has good grades –
  • Pray for Peter to serve with strength and joy.
  • Ministry: Pray for the coming changes in the center, and the Lord gives wisdom to arrange future work
  • Pray for a good education system
  • Pray for the families are served by the church, may their hearts be fully captured by the Lord

Ben & Emma

  • Personal & Family: They moved to a new environment. Most of the people living here are Muslims, so the spiritual atmosphere is relatively tense, which will be reflected in their family relationships. Ask the Lord to give them vigilance and spiritual strength to live here.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to train their lives and lead the language learning and service
  • Ministry: – They were moved to preach the gospel to the poorest and weakest groups, and they have made a plan. Ask the Lord to continue to lead and guide them. May the Lord also move other members of the team to serve this group together and supply all their needs.


  • Personal & Family – Pray for he is facing to make a choice for how to go on, what is the next step. Ask God to lead

South Asia – Chili City

Zane & Nancy

  • Personal & Family: Pray for their health, they have a cold
  • Ministry: Pray their Christmas program, they invited 24 children and their parents, as well as co-workers and co-workers’ parents, and 18 elderly people over the age of 70 in the village. Totally, about 100 people will have Christmas meal at their home, they will give gifts to the children and the elderly. Pray for they can find someone who tell a Christmas story that day.
  • People: Pray for a child without a household account, he couldn’t go to normal school, Nancy teaches him one to one.

South Asia – Banana City

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling, Brother Yuen

  • Personal & Family: – Pray for our two children to be renewed in wisdom as the grow daily, for them to improve in their school work, and for both of their mother and father to be healthy. Pray that husband and wife can serve with one heart.
  • Ministry: Lately we’ve been watched closely, and this multiplies our pressure and how tired we feel. It’s very difficult now to expand our ministry, but may the Lord open a way.
  • People: Continue to lift up the persecuted brothers and sisters of Banana City. May our Father keep them away from all disaster and make their faith firm. Though their families abandon them, God will love them forever. Pray that they will lack nothing as they settle down in the new places they have come after being driven out.

South Asia – Lychee City

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

  • Ministry: Lift up visitation in the refugee camp, and that all the preparations and distribution of goods will go smoothly, so that refugees feel encouraged and comforted by the things we give them.
  • People: Continue to ask God’s blessing on the refugee camp and the orphanage; may He supply the needy, comfort those who have been hurt, and help everyone who is willing to seek Him.
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