2020.01 (January) NEXUS NEWS

2020.01 (January) NEXUS NEWS

The Source of All Blessing and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Friends of Nexus

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew 5:3

Those who receive the greatest blessings—those who enter Heaven’s Kingdom are not always the ones that we might think: “The first shall be last, and the last first.” Luke chapter 15 tells the parables of the hundred sheep with one gone astray and of the ten coins, one of which got lost; and of the humble, repentant prodigal son. Stories like this test the limits of what our minds can grasp.

Who can get in to the Kingdom of Heaven?

People that this world doesn’t want—those who are crushed and helpless—are welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven. No one can give up their position in this world or their worldly wealth in order to gain heaven; the only way to be accepted is willingly to repent, live by faith, and become a humble, grateful person.

They can receive great blessing and enter God’s Kingdom…if only they can hear the Good News!

Lychee City, South Asia:

Thanks to our brothers and sisters from the Northeast of China feeling moved to give, we were able to go to Lychee City twice in the month of December. At the beginning of the month we helped 130 families with a total of 960 people; and at Christmas we blessed 110 families and four refugee camp churches. We provided seven pigs, ten tons of rice, vegetables, kerosene for heating stoves, as well as medicines for flu, diarrhea, etc. This winter in Lychee City is especially cold, and we also distributed half a ton of clothing.

Chili City, South Asia:

The Chili City Youth Training Center is more than two years old now and is training about three dozen ‘left-home’ children. We gave gifts and had a party, and of course shared the Good News with them. For most of the children and their family members, it was the first time they had celebrated Christmas like this.

This four-year-old is the naughtiest child in our class! He can’t sit down for even a minute—he’ll cause trouble and get the other children upset. He gets into mischief very fast but then also admits his wrong very quickly. When he’s being punished he’s very unhappy, but then he’s happy again just a little while later.
This boy is five. His mother, from Lychee City, died of a common illness that shouldn’t have killed her. We’re so sorry we didn’t know them a bit earlier because we probably would have been able to help her get well. The boy lives with his father, grandfather, and grandmother. When he first came to our center, he didn’t play or share with others; but lots of love and sharing with him have brought a very big change in him! He said this Christmas was especially meaningful to him.
This child writes with his left hand. The most he’ll say every day is “Thank you” and “Goodbye,” but he’s very diligent in his writing.

Tree City, Levant:

This year, demonstrations over the country’s economic problems and protests against government corruption overshadowed all Christmas celebrations. However, the Lord has given us the chance still to work while we can, to tell the true story of the Good News to many children and their families as we share our lives with them. This was the first time these children ever celebrated Christmas—they never before had heard the Christmas story. We gave a Christmas dinner and gifts to them and their family members.

Olive City, Levant:

We had Santa Claus, a performance, sharing of the Good News, and a Christmas dinner with gifts. This is a very common Christmas party, but to have such a ‘rich’ Christmas party in a land at war…you might say it was very common, but it was truly a very uncommon Christmas party! Together with 300 children and some of their parents, we shared together to celebrate the Gospel of peace.

Thanks to your support, we can bring a bit of Hope—a little bit of True Light—to these unsafe places—places where people can’t hear any Good News…where life is so very difficult…where to figure out how to get three meals a day, just to exist, requires all the resources these families have.

Someone asked Jesus, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” He replied to them all, “Strive to enter by the narrow door…”

Luke 13:23-24

How many people do we want to be saved?  Jesus commanded us to strive to get more to enter by the narrow door.  The thing Jesus is focused on is, “Have we entered the narrow door?”  That door is going to close; and when it does, there is no more chance to get in.  Life is short, and we don’t know how much longer we have.  Are you willing to respond to the Lord’s command? “Strive to enter by the narrow door!”  That’s today! Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:3

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your support and your prayers, and for giving heavenly gifts to refugee children, ‘left-home ‘children, and their parents this Christmas! May you all be richly blessed, especially blessed to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, and have a joyful new year!

Sincerely, Candy & Nexus Mission

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