2020.02 (Feb) NEXUS NEWS

2020.02 (Feb) NEXUS NEWS

God Is Most Powerful!

2020 02

Dear Friends of Nexus,

A pastor in Wuhan, China, encouraged the believers, “In the face of this epidemic, God is most powerful! The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic is a spiritual battle, and we are calling all Christians in China to fast and pray.”

Nexus and our overseas workers send our sincere blessings, believing that “The LORD will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life!” (Psalm 121:7) We can’t fight the epidemic with guns or earthly weapons; we can only fight it depending on the authority of the resurrected Lord Jesus: In the Name of the Lord, we command the disease to depart from us! And as for us, although the epidemic is severe, as Jesus said, “Nevertheless I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the next day…” (Luke 13:33)

Hand in Hand With God, We’re Going On!

Friendship City: Looking for a Lost Sheep

Nexus was ‘born’ in Friendship City in 2008; and the husband-wife team of Giles and Joan flew into Friendship City in September 2012 at the calling of the Lord. Their two sons, Glen and Gray (20 and 13 years old, respectively), arrived in succession to serve together with their parents. From the beginning, they were ‘tentmakers’ like Paul, supplying their own financial needs to serve the local people, looking for lost lambs in the city. In 2015 their elder son Glen returned to China to marry, and then he and his wife returned together to serve there on the field. In 2016, God granted them a baby girl. This is how a three-generation family of six has been faithfully serving in Friendship City for seven years.

A Chinese Home

A Little Lamb

Chris Usman, the eldest son in his family, came to the city from the countryside to find work in order to help support his younger brothers and sisters. He was just 16, and at the time he was most undecided and helpless about what to do, he met the Ken family. They cared for him, and their help enabled him to study and get a job. They kept helping him until he graduated from a high-school level technical college. Usman is close to the Ken family’s sons in age, and they would study the Bible and pray with him, and also teach him Chinese, so that now he can converse with them in Chinese. Because of the love this family showed him, he has received Christ as his Savior. But he can’t tell his family or friends around him. He has become one of the lambs of our Lord.

Please pray for Usman, that he can put down spiritual roots in God’s Word, determine to follow Jesus resolutely, and together with the Ken family go searching for another lost lamb.

Pray for Giles’ mother in China. She has late-stage liver cancer; and because there are no flights now from Friendship City to China due to the epidemic, they can’t go back to see their mother.

A Little Lamb
Usman needs to put down spiritual roots in God’s Word.
Brick-makers in Friendship City
Friendship City – A New Generation

Sister Lulu is one of the little lambs in Antioch Church in Tree City, Levant. Here is her testimony: I Saw Jesus!

I want to share my dream with you. I had this dream on Saturday, the night before going to church.

In the dream I saw, I was very sick. My daughter told me, “Why don’t you go to the church? They will pray for you. I am sure that through their prayers, you will be healed,” so I agreed and went to the church. While I was standing and sharing about what God had done for me, I saw someone standing before me. I was the only one who was able to see him. When I looked at his face, immediately I realized it was Jesus, and I felt reverence and fear. I asked him, “Who are you?” He said to me, ”I am Jesus.” He was wearing a white robe; His face radiated light, and He had long hair covered with a white cloth.  Suddenly, I noticed I was floating about a meter above the ground. When the members of the church saw me, they started crying and were very afraid, and I felt afraid too. Jesus said to me, “Lift up your hand, do not be afraid, for you are my daughter.”

Then in my dream I remembered something that had actually happened when my grandmother died: her coffin had floated above the ground. People had summoned some elders from the mosque to pray that the coffin would return to the ground. Then I said, “Good heavens, who can help get me back to the ground now?”  Jesus said to me again, “Lift up your hand and do not be afraid, for you are daughter.” I obeyed, and then I was no longer afraid.

After that, Jesus passed through a closed window and disappeared. Then in my dream I saw the pastor of the church, Peter, coming to me. He raised his hand to pray for me, and I fell to the ground under the cross on the pulpit.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I saw everything was beautiful, and the light of the sun gave me new hope.  Everything looked new and different; it seemed that I had a new set of eyes.

Lulu is a member of Antioch Church :

Her family lives on a farm. Before, when they were in Olive City, her husband had had a beverage shop for more than ten years, but when their city was attacked, their family fled to Tree City, where they switched to farming. The family has three children (two daughters and one son), two of whom study in Nexus Center. Their elder daughter is Eileen, the 12-year-old who appeared in her mother’s dream. She has kidney stones and is often in pain.

Your prayers and support can give more people the chance to know the Truth — to see Jesus!
Let’s keep on looking for that lost lamb!
There’s been a lot of snow lately in Tree City!

A little lamb from The House of Hope in Olive City, Levant:

Muhammad is a child in the fourth grade. He belongs to a poor Muslim family, and he lives in an area only inhabited by Muslims. His family are fanatical Muslims who never established any relationships with Christians.

When we showed the video about the birth of Christ, Muhammad stood up and said to the teacher, “You are infidels! You do not fast and pray, and your Christ is silly. My mother taught me that your religion false.” The teacher replied that Jesus is a prophet, just as it is written in Quran, and explained more about the meaning of the video to the children.

After Christmas break, Muhammad came back to the center and said to the teacher, “I have been thinking about what you said. Now I think Christians are great people. The Christians at the center treat us very well. I am learning that the people here love me, and that Christ loves me. He offers this love and many gifts freely. My belief about Christians and Christ have changed.  I no longer think they are infidels. I believe this, but I cannot share it with anyone, especially with my mother.  She will try to convince me that I am wrong.  Knowing the truth about Jesus makes me very happy.”

Muhammad is a fourth grader in the House of Hope

We invite you to participate in “Project Seed” to become a sponsor of Muhammad or a child with a similar background. Please contact Olivia for details at nexusgrouphk@gmail.com

Lunch at the House of Hope

“In the face of this epidemic, God is most powerful!”

Although the epidemic is severe, as Jesus said, “Nevertheless I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the next day…” (Luke 13:33)

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)

Let us, the Body of Christ in every corner of the globe, join hands with God and one another; though the epidemic may be severe, let us continue to keep searching for one little lost lamb!


Nexus and Overseas Workers

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