2020 06 Project Cake – Unexpected New Hope

2020 06 Project Cake – Unexpected New Hope

Project Cake – Bringing Unexpected New Hope


Coworkers daily send scriptures to the supported families. We believe that the Word of the Lord can bring encouragement, comfort and hope.

Alan’s family is one of the supported families and they sent a short video of thanks. Alan is a cute and handsome little boy. His childish voice said, “I don’t have a father and now my mother is taking care of me. Without your support, I can’t buy anything. Thank you very much. Because of your support, I can buy food from the store. I give you a kiss.”

Kurds – their suffering is as deep and huge as the ocean, but the Lord is their shining light.

Olive City in  war

Kurds – the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East area, but they have never had their own country. Their history has been full of fluctuation. Alternated with oppression and rebellion; war and peace. In the global “political theater”, they are also always being used, abandoned, or displaced.

Their modern encounters are in marked contrast to the lives of contemporary people in peaceful countries. The following three events all happened in modern times. Where were you and what were you busy with at that time?

1988 Attacked by chemical weapons

The use of chemical weapons is very inhuman, because the toxic gas is invisible, and there is nowhere you can hide from it. In addition, the lethal process will be extremely painful.

In 1988, a Kurdish town located in northern Olive City was intentionally attacked by chemical weapons. It immediately killed 5,000 civilians. Many of them were children and women. Many of those alive from the attack were blind and suffering lung damage.

2014 Raided by ISIS

In 2014, several extremist groups from “Islamic State” raided and occupied several Kurdish-controlled towns. The militants arrested and slaughtered thousands of Yazidis who were also Kurdish.

2018 Raided by neighbouring country

In 2018, a Free Army, supported by neighbouring countries, invaded and controlled the northwestern area of Olive City. Hundreds of Kurdish civilians were killed and injured. Under the sudden airstrike, many people were forced to flee their beloved homesteads and moved to nearby villages or cities.

Although they have suffered so much, some of them said to us: “We saw the Lord appear” and “Although we faced the war, we are now grateful  because of the knowledge of the gospel.”

“The Lord is my light….” Psalm 27:1

Sam’s story:

Several years of military conflicts have destroyed his homestead.

Sam is a young father. He has a wife, a baby boy and two toddler boys. In his hometown located in the north of Olive City, he spent three years and worked hard to build his dream house. However, due to the air strike by the neighboring countries, his new house has become a pile of ruins. The fighting forced his family to flee to a nearby city, but he could not find a job there. While feeling helpless, he told us this story.

How can I help them?

Who is willing on behalf of Christ to become a “Cake of Figs” for them?

I am willing, for a period of one year, to provide assistance every month in the amount of USD $12 / HKD $100 / CNY ¥ 100.

I am willing to give a one-time offering of ___________

Ways to Donate:

Hong Kong Dollar Cheque: Payable  to “Nexus Mission Limited”

Mail your cheque to the following address: PO Box 78927, MongKok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Bank Account Number: 168-852-192-001

Bank address: No. 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong donors can use PayMe/Faster Payment System (FPS)/ Check/ Cash /Online Banking deposit to Nexus Mission bank account.

Note: Please keep the bank receipt together with the name of the donor and the designated project WhatsApp: + (852) 9219 2218, or email: info@nexusmission.org

You may also make an online donation by using our secure account at PayPal:

USA cheque: Payable to “Nexus Mission”, Mail to:

Nexus Mission

P.O. BOX 14521

Irvine, CA 92623

  • All donations are tax-deductible in the United States and Hong Kong. US Federal Tax ID # 36-4631486
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