2020 10 Project Cake – Looking Out for the Interests of Others

2020 10 Project Cake – Looking Out for the Interests of Others

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Project Cake – Looking Out for the Interests of Others


Some of the families we provide financial help to have teenagers. Whenever I see them, I can’t help thinking, shouldn’t they be putting their youthful energy into studying? I feel pained in my heart for them as I ask, “What do you usually think about?”

Ali said to us, “It never occurred to us that we would become homeless wanderers. Even though it’s very hard for us here, we still try to keep up with our studies. But the education we are getting now is not enough. We hope some people will come and help us build our schools, our lives, and our future. My dream is to become a lawyer and to protect oppressed people.”

Noura told us, “I didn’t used to understand what difficulty and worry were. But now everything has changed. We don’t have money, food, or clothes. We cleaned out a place that had been destroyed by a bomb to use as a school. But everything is very difficult, and we can only have school two days a week. We only have one textbook for every five students. Even though we are homeless and wandering, we don’t want to forget our mother tongue or our history. If only we could live in the land of our birth…then we could be happy! I want to go home.”

Kurds – Amazing young people: even while pursuing their dreams for the future, they’re willing to lay down their lives for their people.

Young Kurdish Fighter

The more I get to know Kurdish young people, the more I think they are more mature and have more understanding than most young urban dwellers.

It seems not a few young Kurds have grown up early because they’ve had courageously to face the sufferings of their people. Many of the young people between the ages of about 18 and 35, because they couldn’t stand seeing their people being destroyed, have volunteered for military service. Some of them have given up very good jobs, some used to have average civilian jobs, and some are just out of high school. They have to undergo strict military training in the mountains and then to face death on the battlefield every day.

There’s a report about a young Kurdish father who had already got his residence papers in Germany. When he realized his people needed his help, he took his wife and children and went back to his homeland. During the fighting, he volunteered for military service; and when it was over he went back to the place where he had fought and started a factory. He continued working there so he could keep on protecting his hometown.

Let each of you look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Phil 2:4

Nora’s Story

Nora’s Home

Nora’s family is one of the families we support. She and her husband and their four children fled to a village previously ravaged by fighting, where they live in a broken-down house.

Nora has stomach trouble and constant pain. Our financial support enables her to buy the medicine she needs and clothing for her children.

The Olive City government is corrupt, and the value of the currency has collapsed so that prices are skyrocketing. It’s hard for ordinary people to afford even their food and other basic needs; and on top of this are the sanctions imposed by the West which have made people’s lives even harder. Nora’s family are ordinary citizens of Olive City, so their survival has become their biggest daily challenge.

How can I help them?

Who is willing on behalf of Christ to become a “Cake of Figs” for them?

I am willing, for a period of one year, to provide assistance every month in the amount of USD $12 / HKD $100 / CNY ¥ 100.

I am willing to give a one-time offering of _________

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Nexus Project Director, Olivia Luk

Email: OL@nexusmission.org

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