2020 11 Nexus Mission Newsletter

2020 11 Nexus Mission Newsletter

Dear Nexus Friends,

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Friendship Country

Friendship Country

It was in Friendship Country in 2008 that the work of Nexus Mission began. Our Heavenly Father put the people of Friendship Country in our hearts, and we now have a group there of local partners and Chinese coworkers. Although serving in Friendship Country has not been a smooth journey, when we faithfully follow the Lord’s footsteps, He leads us step by step so we can proclaim the Gospel far and wide! The locations where we now work in Friendship City are in G City, L City, and Q City.

G City – The “Gospel Van” traveled from L City, settling in G City.  The vision of the Gospel Van is contained in Matthew 28:20: “…Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” G City has many nominal Christians, many children who have no chance to get an education, and many people of different religions. During the pandemic, using the Gospel Van we have done volunteer cleanup in the villages and shared gospel literature, etc. after times of praying for the sick.  

G City – The “Gospel Van”

Q City – Savior’s Center

The Savior’s Center has opened its school session as of October 5.  May the Lord keep teachers and students alike safe and free from the pandemic’s effects!  
Students’ Morning Devotions at The Savior’s Center — Studying God’s Word.

19-year-old Simon and 15-year-old Mary, at Savior’s Center in Q City, are brother and sister.  Five years ago, their father died in an accident. William and Peter are brothers whose father is a drug and alcohol addict, and mother is very sick and extremely poor.  The Savior’s Center has stayed with them these five years helping them, and they continue to study diligently.

This year, Simon is beginning his four-year medical college course for a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. Mary, Peter, and William will first do two years of premedical studies, and then they all plan to complete the same four-year medical course that Simon is taking.

Simon and Mary, William and Peter

L City, Grace orphanage

The Giles family takes rice, vegetables, fruit, and meat every week to the children, who are growing up healthy — not even one of them has been infected with the virus to date. They pray for the nations and also produce masks which they use themselves and provide freely to people who need them.

The Children Praying for the Nations
The Children are Growing Up Healthy

Southeast Asia – Chili City

A 26-year-old mentally ill man from a village served by Zane and Nancy came in the evening with a big knife and cut up their door, punched Zane three times and bloodied his eyes all up, and kicked him in the leg so that even now his knee is still paining him. The man also badly damaged their window frame, destroyed chairs, cut through water pipes, and smashed their motorcycle and their van (see photo). Please pray for their safety, and for the safety of the children in their center — the “Blessed Children Center.” Declare blessing on the children in Jesus’ Name, May His blood cover them and keep them safe!

Smashed Glass on the Front of Their van
Students of the Blessed Children Center Praying  

Olive City, Near East – Three Stories from the House of Hope

Everyone’s Palm Is Unique!

Everything God has created is unique — one-of-a-kind!  Through this activity we taught the children this truth that the people God has made — our bodies, our motivations, and our behavior — are all different; and although different, yet in God’s eyes each child is outstanding and talented, each person is special and valuable.

Every Palm is Unique

Scavenger Daddy:

The father of one of the House of Hope children scavenges in the rubbish for a living. He is extremely poor, and he also has cancer. Coworkers see him out on the street every day picking up rubbish, and on holidays his son is out there with his dad picking up rubbish with him to help the family try to survive. One day the coworker stopped and invited them to the Center, gave them a food packet and a new school bag for the son, and then shared the love of Jesus with them and told them, “Jesus loves and cares for you very much.” He thanked us and praised us for what we had done for him and seemed surprised as he said, “Muslims haven’t helped us; but you’re a Christian, yet you don’t look down on a poor man who collects trash for a living — you even help us!”  

Scavenger Daddy

The Boy Who Has Never Seen His Dad:  

Six months ago their family lived in an area controlled by Islamic State jihadists, who forced the dad to join them and told him he had to trim his beard in the same way they did. But he refused, so they kidnapped him and threatened his wife. She was pregnant and very afraid; so in order to save her baby, she escaped to a different area. She gave birth and the boy grew–he is now 5 years old. He has never seen his dad and doesn’t know him at all. This boy is very sad.  In class at the House of Hope, he sits by himself and often asks where his father is.  Please pray for him, and also for the coworkers, that they can share Jesus and God’s Way with him and his family.

Women counseling class

Panshi (Mighty Rock) Project

The Situation in Abundant Life Church, Beirut, Since the Explosion

After the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4th, Pastor Chadi and the brothers and sisters spent two months or so repairing and remodeling their church; and on October 11 they held their reopening Sunday worship service. Since the explosion the church has been giving out 200-250 food packets every month, besides providing a hot meal every evening and carrying on their remodeling work. Also they have made their church facility available for other organizations to use. The church, with all the brothers and sisters, held a musical evangelistic worship outreach: the hot meals and food packets they were providing had attracted many people who had never heard the gospel before; and in the outreach meeting, many heard the Gospel for the first time.  

It was unfortunate that on October 14, Pastor Chadi contracted COVID-19.  But we thank all of you brothers and sisters for praying fervently for him, because now he is completely better.  Halleluiah!

Abundant Life Church’s October 11 Reopening Worship Service
Providing a Hot Meal Each Evening

The Panshi (Mighty Rock) Project supports three churches, two other organizations, and one school.  About thirty houses have been repaired in addition to one church and school (the houses are still in process of being repaired), thousands of food packets have been given out, and countless hot meals have been served. Together with people from each of the churches, we have gone out to visit wrecked homes and brought help for the people’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, and have prayed for them. Many have heard about Jesus and experienced His great love for the first time. There seems to be a three-point cycle of events happening here — first, the provision of food and help in rebuilding, then the daily visitations and prayer, and finally people receiving the Lord Jesus as personal Savior.  The church in Beirut is being encouraged as they joyfully receive our offerings and use them to extend the Kingdom of God!

Through more than two months of hard work, the Panshi (Mighty Rock) Project has completed a portion of its work; but there is still much to be done: many house repairs not completed, many hearts that still need comforting, many homes that need to be restored.  The church still needs our prayers, prayers that enable them to keep extending a helping hand through this time of crisis, which is also a time of great opportunity. Let’s help them continue to be salt and light for the Lord’s sake!  Please continue to pray for them!  

Wrecked Home
Rebuilding A House

Armenia War Disaster Relief Project

Because of the recent armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the humanitarian crisis it has caused, Nexus is partnering with Armenian brothers and sisters in Tree City to collect relief supplies there and send them to the disaster area in Armenia. Please pray for peace.  Armenia was the first country in history to declare Christianity the national religion.

We donate masks, supplies, and funds to provide ‘warmth’ to Armenian brothers and sisters who are victims of the war.

Tree City’s Middle Class:

They have always lived comfortably. But in the economic crisis although they still have work, their salary can no longer provide for their expenses due to currency devaluation and steeply rising prices; and some have had their salaries cut by 50% or more. We help 20 families by providing them with supermarket vouchers and by purchasing food and daily use items for them.  Some families can’t afford to have internet, so their children cannot attend online school; also, the winter will be here soon and they will need fuel to heat their homes through the winter.

Winter is coming; we are giving out kerosene to needy families to help them stay warm.

Nexus coworkers tell recipient families that these gifts come from churches all over the world who have heard about their situation in Tree City and want to help those who are suffering.  They are amazed that some of the gifts even come from Christians in China and other places, from people far away who care about their difficulties!

Sincerely in Christ, Nexus Mission  

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