2020-11 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2020-11 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

Africa – Mineral City

Mineral City Capital’s street

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family

  • God will keep their parents back in China healthy, at peace, and free of pressure and fatigue.
  • Pray for Sandy’s uncle, who was just operated on for bleeding in the brain. His recovery has been going very slowly; may God heal him and let him recover more quickly, so His Name will be honored in their family through his testimony.


  • They have continued their meetings through the pandemic; may God keep them all safe in their meetings and not let the virus spread.
  • Continue to pray God will bless the finances of the brothers and sisters, that they can experience faith in the Lord.

Levant – Tree City

Sunday school children in Tree City

Peter & Sally

Personal & Family

  • Pray for Sally’s studies of Arabic and keyboard (music), and for both of them to grow in their spiritual lives and receive spiritual strength.
  • Pray Peter can get his heart quieted down to a state of rest.
  • Pray for peace and joy in their family.


  • Pray for protection for the family members of the four young people, keep them from Satan’s attacks, and that their spiritual lives will grow stronger.
  • Winter is coming. Pray for the health and hygiene of their church members, and that God will heal those who are sick already.
  • Pray that team members will grow in their love for the Lord and their fellow man.


Personal & Family

  • Pray for her brother and sister that were married last month. May God bless their marriages.
  • Pray for Safety and wisdom. Now she is looking for a new Apartment.
  • Pray for protection from any spiritual attacks on her mind. She has not been able to rest well.


  • She is struggling with keeping focus on the ministry because of some situations happening in Tree City.
  • That God would provide her with a good partner to live and work with.
  • That they will discern God’s will for their ministry. A lot is changing.

Brother Enoch

Personal & Family

  • Pray for the recovery of his cousin who was sick and had an operation but is not better yet; also pray God will provide his medical costs.
  • Pray for direction for Enoch and his older sister.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope Students

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family

  • Pray for Samson, whose hand was injured in the course of ministry. He can’t get to sleep at night and has high blood pressure. He was tested at the hospital and is awaiting the results.
  • Pray for them concerning the spiritual war in their home, that they will be able to face challenges in various areas. May the Lord protect their two daughters, who have now started school.
  • Pray God opens doors for them and gives them strength to complete their mission and their ministry.


  • Pray they will have courage to share the Good News with the mothers of the children.
  • They’ve begun properly certified ninth-grade level program, and students who complete it can get certificates and thus can get into high school. Pray for these students and their teachers.

South Asia – Friendship City

Children of Friendship City

Giles & Joan family

Personal & Family

  • Pray for the marriages of their disciple (Usman) and their youngest son (John), that God will help them to find suitable wives.


  • Pray for Giles’ visa process that will allow him to move to Q City with his disciple Usman, so they can move there soon.
  • Pray for the ministry of a nearby orphanage, that God will give wisdom and hearts of unity so they can join in their service.

South Asia- Water City

Children of Water City Slum

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for their whole family to have a good relationship with God, for their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Pray for their move to a new home this month, that God will make everything go smoothly.


  • Pray for wisdom to manage the coffee shop, that God will be in control of all their business and the employees.
  • Pray for the lives of their few local coworkers to be more abundant.
  • Ask God to bless them with more skill and more of the local language!

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family

  • Pray for Iris in her work: she takes the temperatures of people coming into the hospital, so please pray for her health and her safety.


  • Pray for their return to Water City and their long-term visa to go there. Right now they’re discussing when to go back there. Please pray God will give them the right time, and airplane tickets to go back.
  • Pray that after they go back to Water City they will find the right avenue for ministry.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Village of Chili City

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family

  • Nancy has pain in lumps in her breast, please pray God heal her and grant peace.
  • Zane’s knees and lower back are giving him pain, may God heal him.


  • Pray for the ethnic minority they are ministering to, that God will prepare the hearts of the people to come to Him. Pray for some families and marriages in this people group that have a lot of violence, and pray for 15- and 16-year-old girls who have abortions.
  • Pray for one sister in the uremia patient group named Ye Hua, for her marriage, her health, her finances, and her spiritual growth.
  • Pray for a brother named Yantian. In the middle of December he’ll get out of prison. Zane wants to show Yantian love and acceptance. Please pray Zane will know if he should go meet him and escort him back or let him come back by himself.
  • They want to plan a co-worker’s meeting. Pray the Lord will provide the right time and a safe place and provide for expenses.
  • Christmas is coming, and they would like, as in years past, to give gifts to the kindergarten’s children and local elderly people, and have a big meal together; may the Lord provide the needed finances.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

Children of Coconut City

Thai Sister Chaw Chaw and Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal & Family

  • Chaw Chaw’s home in Coconut City is in the process of being built; pray the building process will go smoothly and that the house can be used later to host mission teams.
  • Pray for the salvation of Chaw Chaw’s second daughter-in-law.
  • Pray that all the details for getting Winnie’s Coconut City visa go smoothly.
  • Pray for Winnie’s younger brother’s vision to be restored. After the cataract surgery, his vision cannot be restored. The doctor said that it has nothing to do with the surgery, and is looking for the cause.


  • Thank God, now they can send food for the children in Lychee City!
  • The children in Lychee City are now studying Chinese, English, Burmese, and other languages; please pray for their studies.
  • From November 16 to 21, some workers are going to Lychee City to hold a camp introducing the Gospel to young people; pray for the camp.
  • Students are going to be having tests November 14-21, and then go on vacation. Pray for the students’ tests.

South Asia –  Banana City & Lychee City

Village of Lychee City

Brother Tai and Xiao Ling

Personal & Family

  • Pray for Brother Tai’s eldest son; he’s not very good in his studies and doesn’t concentrate. May the Lord help him study well!
  • Pray for Brother Tai’s mother: may God give her peace and faith.
  • Pray for Brother Tai’s sleep; for a long time he hasn’t been able to sleep well, and he feels his memory is getting worse. May God Himself watch over and protect him and his family.
  • Pray for his church. Recently there have been a few more people coming. Pray for his weekly sharing, that he can build people up and that the church will experience revival.

Banana City Ministry

  • Winter is coming soon. Pray brothers and sisters in Banana City can get through the winter safe and sound and that they can be healthy in body and spirit. The brothers and sisters there would like to have a motorcycle; having a motorcycle instead of having to walk everywhere would be a great help.

Lychee City Ministry

  • Lychee City is one country where the pandemic is most severe; the government has limited meetings to seven or eight people; more than that and the meeting will be fined; so they can’t have normal meetings.

Brother Yuen


  • Due to the pandemic, Brother Yuen is unable to go to the field where he normally works, and he is working on a pig farm now and using it as a ministry platform. Pray he can soon return to Banana City to his ministry there.

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