2020-12 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2020-12 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Zane serves the church on the mountain

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family

  • Nancy’s is often unable to sleep well; please pray she can get good sleep.
  • Zane’s knees and lower back still hurt him; may the Lord heal him.


  • Pray for all the Wa people. May the Lord cleanse this place and prepare the people’s hearts to return to Him. Pray against domestic violence, which is common among the Wa. Pray wives learn to be strong in the Lord and that they can escape from abuse. Also pray for the 15- and 16-year-old girls getting abortions.
  • They are now preparing for a coworkers’ conference so they can feel more connected and can pray together for their direction in 2021. May God lead them to choose the right time, a safe place, and provide the finances needed. Pray God increase their spiritual power, their ability to get things moving, and their influence on the coworkers so they can lead them and, together with them, serve the local people effectively.
  • They have prepared gifts for Lahu ethnic minority elderly people: 50 bags of rice and 50 kegs of cooking oil. Pray for needed finances.
  • They’ve scheduled a meeting and dinner for brothers and sisters in mid-December; may the Lord keep the meeting safe and make everything go smoothly and provide needed finances.
  • Please keep on praying for the uremia patients’ fellowship, and for one of the sisters in it whose name is Ye Hua — for her marriage, health, finances, and spiritual growth. Also pray for Nancy to have wisdom to disciple Ye Hua.

Africa – Mineral City

Antelopes of Mineral City

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family

  • May God keep their parents back in China healthy and safe, not feeling pressured or trapped by anything.
  • Pray for Sandy’s uncle, who is in rehabilitation after having an operation for stroke but is recovering very slowly. Pray his recovery can be quick, as a testimony for the Lord’s glory to his family members.


  • During the pandemic they have continued meeting together. May God keep them safe – keep the virus from spreading.
  • Pray blessing on the finances of the brothers and sisters; may their faith in the Lord be encouraged.

Levant – Tree City

Tree City is still in the  pandemic

Peter & Sally

Personal & Family

  • Their children will grow up healthy and safe, physically and spiritually.
  • Peter & Sally can be renewed and regain strength during their time of rest.
  • Pray for their progress in Arabic and English.


  • The main leaders of the coworkers will have wisdom to lead the team.
  • Pray for a new couple on the team to come to know the Lord more deeply.

Brother Enoch

Personal & Family

  • Pray for direction for him and for his elder sister.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope provides students lunch

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family

  • The situation in Olive City is very bad, and the weather is cold. Pray for the health of each member of their family.
  • Pray their lives display love, joy, peace, and grace.
  • Pray for their daughters to have peace, to be able to concentrate, and to succeed as they take their tests at school.
  • Ava’s brother has been in Sweden now for some years and feels lonely. He has a problem with his leg. He had an operation on it but it was unsuccessful, and he is going to have another operation. May the Lord heal him, give him peace, and let him feel His presence.


  • Christmas is an important opportunity to share the Good News. Pray God will use it to give people a chance to know Him.
  • The children and the families involved in the Center will see a film about Jesus Christ, and the center will share with them. Pray what is shared is clear and easy to understand, and that the people who hear will be touched by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for God’s protection; pray the work of the Center is done smoothly without hindrance.
  • They are preparing gifts for the children, but the situation in the country now makes it very hard to find suitable gifts. May God open the way for them to find what they need.
  • Pray for the team’s unity, wisdom, and ability to accomplish what God wants done.

South Asia – Friendship Country

Q City students started school 

Giles & Joan Family

Personal & Family

  • Pray for their disciple (Usman) and their younger son John’s marriage. May God help them find a suitable wife.


  • Pray for two new orphans who arrived on the 27th — may God watch over their lives.

South Asia – Water City

China Churches donated medical protective clothing and masks to Water City

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for their whole family to have a good relationship with the Lord. Praying for their physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Pray for their children to get some new playmates and to learn the local language. May God give the girls wisdom in communicating with people.
  • Thank God, they have moved into a new house without any trouble. The children like the new place very much.
  • On December 17th, when Lucy was washing dishes, she was cut badly by a cracked cup that broke, and she had to go to the hospital and get 13 stitches. May the Lord reduce the pain and comfort her heart.


  • Pray the Lord bless them with wisdom to manage their coffee shop; may He take charge of all the business and the people involved.
  • Pray their few local coworkers have more abundant lives.
  • Pray for them to acquire more skill and improve their language skills!

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family

  • Continue to pray for Iris’s work. At this time she’s taking an online course in children’s education. May the Lord give her even more ability and wisdom.
  • Pray for Jeremy and the children. Recently the pandemic situation in Korea has gotten worse and the children’s kindergarten has closed. Now Jeremy watches the two children every day.


  • Please continue to pray for their visas; now their plan is to go back in February. Pray things can go smoothly for them.
  • Pray for them regarding what they’re going to do after they return to Water City. Right now they plan to do some kind of teaching ministry.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

The work of teaching children has not stopped due to the pandemic

Thai Sister Chawchaw and Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal & Family

  • When Winnie’s younger brother had a cataract operation, they discovered a new problem, and he still couldn’t see clearly. They did a second operation but need to wait and see his condition one or two months later. He also had many other kinds of physical checkup tests. Now he doesn’t have any problem with cataracts but has other problems. On the 15th of December he’s going to have an MRI brain scan and a thorough physical checkup. Pray they will find the reason for his present condition.
  • Sister Winnie has an annual physical check-up. Each time her uric acid level is a bit higher and her heart is a bit bigger, so now she’s adjusting her food and drink. May the Lord Heal her.
  • Chawchaw’s house is almost finished being built, but she still lacks the small amount of money to put in a well. Running water is not yet available in this area, so may the Lord provide for this.


  • The pandemic in Lychee City has broken out again; may the Lord protect the children there!
  • Some people from Lychee City have sneaked across the border into Coconut City, bringing COVID-19 with them. So right now, Coconut City has become a highly dangerous place.
  • On the 24th and 25th they’re going to celebrate Christmas. May the Lord lead them in their ministry activities during that time.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Banana City Ministry – The pandemic here has been like salt rubbed in the people’s wounds who were already suffering.

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Personal & Family

  • Recently, two definite cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in a place not far from Brother Tai’s place, and strict controls have been imposed again, so it’s not very convenient to go out and do visitation; and crossing the border is much harder still. Recently Brother Tai has only been able to find chances to go visit brothers and sisters in the countryside (but not across the border), to share and pray with them. Pray for safety for Brother Tai’s family and for the brothers and sisters.
  • Pray for Brother Tai’s spiritual health and for his ministry. He feels he needs to seek God’s heart more and not depend on himself for everything.
  • Pray for their eldest son. Recently he got low marks on his midterm exams. His teacher was very upset, but Brother Tai feels helpless to deal with the situation. But his son is still studying with a positive attitude. Next year he will be in junior high school. They need the Lord’s leading for the future. Pray for faith and wisdom for Brother Tai.
  • It’s almost Christmas, but due to safety concerns, Brother Tai and his team cannot plan any activities. Pray for the safety of the church; and may the Lord continue to let His works be seen no matter what the political or pandemic situation may be.

Banana City Ministry

  • The pandemic here has been like salt rubbed in the people’s wounds who were already suffering. Brother Tai has done his best to provide the brothers and sisters in Banana City with needs such as medicine, oil, salt and other things that they must have in order to keep physically and spiritually healthy. Brothers and sisters here would like to have a motorcycle; having a motorcycle to ride instead of having to walk would be a huge help to them. May the Lord provide.

Lychee City Ministry

We are temporarily unable to provide them with basic living supplies
  • At the beginning of December, Brother Tai contacted leaders from Lychee City, and they brought up the needs that they have right now. The children in the orphanage are just managing to survive right now, so brother Tai’s church raised funds for them and gave them an offering. May the Lord watch over all the brothers and sisters in Lychee City!

Brother Yuen


  • Due to the pandemic, Brother Yuen is unable to go to the field where he normally works, and he is working on a pig farm now and using it as a ministry platform. Pray he can soon return to Banana City to his ministry there.
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