2021-01 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2021-01 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

Thai Sister ChawChaw’s new house

Thai Sister Chaw Chaw & Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal & Family:

  • Winnie’s younger brother’s eye problem has gotten worse. He’s had three operations on his eyes. Please pray that he can get suitable treatment and that his eye will become normal.
  • ChawChaw’s new house has a meeting going on. Pray that this new place can bless many more people.
  • Pray that ChawChaw’s daughter will be able to take over her ministry.


  • The children in Lychee City had their school closed because of the pandemic. They’ve invited a coworker there to give them classes in Chinese and English. Please pray that the coworker will have wisdom to teach the kids.
  • Pray for children of the Wa minority nationality to have a desire to study and learn.
  • They have one child named Silom who was required to leave the school. Pray he can repent, humble himself, and admit his wrong to the teacher; then that he will turn in assignments and get to class on time. Because next year at the end of March he will finish middle school, and after a few more months of studies get his diploma, which will be helpful for his future.
  • They have one boy who’s graduating from high school in Taiwan who hopes he can attend university. Pray he can get in, and pray that his university tuition fees will be supplied.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Southeast Asia – Chili City, The children in the “Blessed Children Center” smile happily, carrying a gift home.

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family:

  • Pray Nancy can get good sleep. She is often startled awake by loud noises. Also pray for Zane, for the pain in his knees and waist area. May the Lord heal him!
  • Lately Zane and Nancy both have had flu, and it’s been about two weeks already. May the Lord heal them.
  • Nancy feels very exhausted, and she needs to rest for a few days in a different environment. May the Lord provide.


  • Pray for all the members of the local minority nationality; may the Lord cleanse this land and prepare the people’s hearts to come to Him. Pray for the recovery of a lady who recently had a miscarriage.
  • They are now preparing for a coworkers’ conference so they can feel more connected and can pray together for their direction in 2021. May God lead them to choose the right time and a safe place, and may He provide the finances needed. Pray God increase their spiritual power, their ability to get things moving, and their influence on the coworkers so they can lead them and, together with them, serve the local people effectively.
  • Thank God that in the meeting and dinner which we had Dec 12th afternoon, everything went smoothly. Sixty-some people attended. May God bless those new friends who attended for the first time; may the Holy Spirit work in their hearts so that one day they can come to know God.
  • Please continue to pray for the health of each of the brothers and sisters who are in the uremia patients’ fellowship. Pray for their marriages, health, economic situations, and spiritual growth. Pray for a sister among them whose name is Yemei. She has stopped medical treatment and has a bad temper. May God fill her with his peace.
  • Pray for the child of one sister whose name is Xiao Yanzi (Little Swallow). She was in a traffic accident, and her internal organs — liver, kidneys and ribs — suffered different degrees of injury. May the Lord heal her and comforts her family.
  • Pray for one of the kids in the kindergarten named Yanbian. His mother died and his grandma is taking care of him. He has difficulty studying; may God help him!
  • Pray for the people of Lychee City. Because of the pandemic, they are trying their utmost to get across into China. May the Lord bring this pandemic to an end!

Africa – Mineral City

Mineral City  – A Primary School Teacher

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family:

  • May the Lord protect their parents back in China and give them peace and health.


  • During the pandemic, may the Lord protect their meetings and not let the virus spread among them.

Levant — Tree City

Levant – Tree City refugee camp in winter

Peter & Sally

Personal & Family:

  • May God keep their family safe.
  • Pray for the renewal of Sally’s visa.
  • Pray that their lives will demonstrate more of the love of the Lord.


  • Pray for the team’s cooperation, that they can operate more in the love of Christ.
  • Pray for the proper view of marriage of the young people.
  • Pray for breakthrough in the spiritual lives of the church members.

Brother Enoch

Personal & Family:

  • Pray for direction for Brother Enoch and his older sister.

Levant – Olive City

Levant – The Northern Olive City’s families that we are helping had a joyful Christmas

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family:

  • Ava has the flu and is very tired. Pray for her to be healed and have good health.
  • In January, their two daughters have tests at school. Pray they will do well.


  • Pray for more peace for the children in the House of Hope.
  • Pray they will be protected and not be infected by the virus.
  • There’s a local man who has asked them for a Bible. Pray for him, that God will move in his heart so that when he reads the Bible, he will understand the truth.

South Asia – Friendship Country

South Asia – Friendship Country’s construction worker

Giles & Joan family

Personal & Family:

  • Pray for their disciple Usman and their younger son John, that they will serve more earnestly and diligently.


  • Pray for two new orphans who have come to get into their studies and fit in smoothly.

South Asia – Water City

South Asia — Water City’s believer

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family:

  • Pray for their whole family to have a good relationship with the Lord. Praying for their physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Pray for their children to get some new playmates and to learn the local language. May God give the girls wisdom in communicating with people.
  • May the Lord quickly heal Lucy’s injury on her hand.


  • Pray the Lord bless them with wisdom to manage their coffee shop; may He take charge of all the business and the people involved.
  • Pray their few local coworkers have more abundant lives.
  • Pray for them to acquire more skill and improve their language skills!

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family:

  • Continue to pray for Iris’s work. At this time she’s taking an online course in children’s education. May the Lord give her even more ability and wisdom.


  • Please pray for Jeremy’s investment visa. Pray things go smoothly.
  • Pray for them about what to do when they get back to Water City. Pray God open the way for them; pray they can find suitable coworkers.

Southeast Asia — Banana City, Lychee City  

Southeast Asia — Banana City’s bridegroom

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

  • Recently the pandemic situation has improved, and brother Tai has decided he can go to nearby areas. Thank you, Brothers and Sisters, for praying! The church’s spiritual conditon has changed — “set on fire”; and even though they couldn’t plan any Christmas activities, they’ve been meeting together as they normally do.
  • Their eldest son’s studies are very difficult for him, but he shares the gospel in school. The second son is also willing to share the gospel in school. Please pray for their studies and that their lives be pleasing to the Lord.
  • The school gets out for winter vacation on January 23rd. Brother Tai has decided to take the family to his hometown for Chinese New year, and also he wants to go back to Lychee City to see what’s going on there. Please pray for his mother, who is 73 years old. In Jingpo culture, the youngest son takes care of his parents, and Brother Tai is the youngest, and his mother wants somebody to stay with her. May God watch over his mother’s heart: pray that she will have the faith to support Brother Tai in his work.

Banana City Ministry

  • Pray for the brothers and sisters in Banana City. The pandemic has cut off their ability to go there. Recently the weather has been extremely cold, so Brother Tai has gotten ready clothing to send to them, but it’s very hard to get the clothes to them. Now, whether speaking of their physical life or their faith, everything is very difficult, and they often feel very weak. Due to the protracted pandemic, they have been forced to go back to a more primitive way of life.

Lychee City Ministry

Lychee City Children ate a meal together happily.
  • Lychee City is still one of the places where the pandemic is most serious. People living in the mountains can’t come out and people can’t go in. 36 children are living under very difficult conditions — they have very little. Brother Tai’s church and Nexus enabled them to celebrate Christmas together, and they prepared some meat dishes and vegetable dishes and very happily ate a meal together. Please pray for them.

Brother Yuen


  • Due to the pandemic, Brother Yuen is unable to go to the field where he normally works, and he is working on a pig farm now and using it as a ministry platform. Pray he can soon return to Banana City to his ministry there.

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