2021- 02 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2021- 02 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter


California wildfire

Pastor Mark & Shannon

  • Pastor Mark & Shannon has been a partner of Nexus Mission for more than 10 years. In the past many years, together with their church have served Chinese students studying in the United States. Shannon discovered cervical cancer in Houston in 2020 August, which has spread to the uterus, bladder and rectum. In the past five years, they have experienced Pastor Mark serious fatal illness. The church and their house were completely destroyed by the California wildfire. When Pastor Mark recovered, Shannon found cancer. Pray for mercy on his servants, remember their years of labor for the Chinese students, heal the body, soul, and spirit, pray for peace, joy, and healing power.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Lychee City’s Children

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Personal and Family

  • The family of Brother Tai has returned to his home town for the Chinese New Year. The local control is still very strict and gathering outside is limited to 3 to 4 persons, so gathering is also affected. Please pray for the safety of his entire family.
  • Please also pray for Brother Tai’s safe return after the Chinese New Year because the school of his children requires students to stay home for observation after going abroad. In order to catch up with the commencement of school, the family has to go back on the second day of the lunar new year. May God protect them during their journey and that they will not be required to be quarantined centrally.
  • At the end of January, Brother Tai helped to carry the coffin of a former elderly and he suffered serious back pain the next day. He found it hard to sit down or lie down. He was a bit relieved from the pain after a day, please pray for his recovery.


  • Although Banana City and Lychee City suffered difficulty in material provision, they need more consolation and encourage spiritually. Their faith becomes weak after a year’s epidemic and Brother Tai has no way to go over to accompany them. Brothers and sister, please keep praying for our members.
  • In mid January, Brother Tai has delivered about 1.5 tons of material to Banana City including winter clothing, blankets, medical drugs and some food. But due to the epidemic, he could only deliver them to the hilltop and the people from the other side used horses to drag these material back. Please also pray for the local brothers and sisters. Currently Brother Tai can only deliver material to some relative close location and villages that are further away are still in short of supply. In addition, winter is particularly cold this year, a lot of people suffer malnutrition, stomach diseases, etc.
  • There are about 36 children on the hill in Lychee City who stationed on the hill and cannot go downhill. They do not have extra clothing for the severely cold winter and have no laundry powder, thus they keep wearing the same set of clothing. Please pray that the children are able to eat meat in the severe winter and that they will have high resistance to disease.

Brother Yuen


  • Due to the pandemic, Brother Yuen is unable to go to the field where he normally works, and he is working on a pig farm now and using it as a ministry platform. Pray he can soon return to Banana City to his ministry there.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

A child they helped graduate from high school

Thai Sister Chaw Chaw & Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal and Family

  • Pray for the daughter-in-law of ChawChaw to receive the salvation, may the Holy Spirit moved her heart.
  • Pray for the breeding of the livestock of Chawchaw to multiply.
  • Pray for the smooth surgery on the right eye of Sister Winnie’s younger brother.


  • Pray for good health for the children of Coconut and Lychee City.
  • Pray that the children have a heart to pursue learning.
  • There are a few children who have applied loan from the government to study health care. Pray for them to be able to find a job upon graduation and repay the government loan soon.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Zane serves local children

Zane & Nancy  

Personal and Family

  • Praised the Lord that Zane does not feel painful at his back as long as he does not apply force excessively. Both Zane and Nancy have completely recovered from the cold. They have replaced the wheels with new ones and from now on they can go long distance.
  • Pray that Zane and Nancy will be more united and that they will have a closer relation with the Lord.
  • Nancy has enrolled the online study of kindergarten teacher training, pray that she can acquire the necessary knowledge for future application.


  • Pray for the entire Wa (Va) ethnic group, may the Lord cleanse the piece of land and prepare the heart of the local people to turn to God. Pray for the old and backward thinking as well as domestic violence in the marriage of this ethnic group. Pray that the women can be self-sufficient, think and become economically independent and that the staff to be revived.
  • Please keep praying for the health of Yantian, Yanli and the brothers and sisters of the uremia fellowship. May God heal their physical body and that they have a more abundant life.

Africa – Mineral City

Food packs to the security guards

Duke & Sandy

Personal and Family

  • Pray that the air flight will become normal as soon as possible so that they can return to China to visit their parents whom they missed very much.
  • Pray for a smooth application for the permanent resident permit. All document has been submitted and pending for approval. Hope that it can be passed as soon as possible so that they do not have to worry and pray for the renewal of the working visa every year.
  • May God bless Duke to be able to buy an appropriately priced laptop which is a relative expensive electrical product locally. Due to the epidemic, the overseas brothers and sisters are not able to bring them one personally. May God provide them.


  • Pray for the soul of the brothers and sisters of the Church who can bear the fruit of life. Thankful that the life of the brothers and sisters had a huge breakthrough last year.
  • Please also keep praying that they can buy a piece of land for building the church, may God provide them and that the local government can grant the approval as soon as possible.
  • They will gift food packs to the security guards after every Sunday sermon. Pray that these security guards can get to know Jesus Christ through this.

Levant -Tree City

A soldier in Tree City ended his young life due to debt problems

Peter & Sally

Personal and Family

  • Pray that their relation as husband and wife can further glorify God.
  • Pray that Sally has the wisdom to take care of and manage the family.
  • Pray that their daughter will have more wisdom in her study.


  • Pray that the believers of the church be led to experience God more.
  • Pray that more people will be blessed and accept the faith through the carpentry and soap workshop.
  • Pray that they can help to pray for more people in such lacking situation and spread the love of Jesus at the same time.
  • Sister Esmahan is the Antioch church member; her son is in the prison in Northern Olive City over a year. He was captured by Islam army when he was travelling. He is with Islamic prisoners at the same prison cell, the situation is very dangerous. His father said that if my son is released safely, I will testify for him because this is a miracle performed by Jesus.

Brother Enoch

Personal and Family

  • Pray that he will have a family.
  • Pray that he has good health.
  • Pray that God will lead him in his future path.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope’s Children

Samson & Ava

Personal and Family

  • Pray that the family can experience more joy from God in such difficult environment and hold tight to God’s promises.
  • May God protect their family especially their two daughters to be free from the attack of the virus and the evil.


  • Pray that they can continue to work according to God’s calling and will.
  • Pray that their team can be encouraged and keep up with their ministry with hope.
  • Pray for the unison and growth of life of the team.

South Asia – Friendship City

Sahil & Ayan

Giles & Joan family

Personal and Family

  • Pray that the disciple Usman and the younger son John to get spiritual strength and that the family loves God even more.
  • May God protects the health of the family. The local epidemic situation is relatively serious and Giles has to go outside to arrange various matters. May God protect him to return home safely.


  • Pray for two newly adopted boys from the orphanage, Ayan (aged 8) and Sahil (aged 7). They are arranged to live with Giles & Joan family who will apply for them to study in a local school. Hope that they will be raised as small disciples with the virtues of Jesus who pleases God and that they be blessed with wisdom and know God’s word.
  • Pray for the delivery of food twice a month to the orphanage that we have always been watched over with more than 40 children. May God provide their needs and that the children sing praises to God and read the scripture every day and grow in a way that pleases God.

South Asia – Water City

Water City’s children

Lewis & Lucy

Personal and Family

  • Pray for the family to have a good relation with God. Pray for the health of their respective parents who will understand more of God’s will.
  • Please remember that their children need a language teacher to teach them at home. May God prepare a caring and experienced teach for them.
  • Lucy still feels pain at the wounded hand when she applies force. Please keep praying for her complete recovery.


  • May Lewis have wisdom to manage his current work at the shop, that everything is in God’s hand and the life of the staff is in God’s guidance.
  • May God bless and help the business of the shop and let them know if the kitchen has to be further improved and the shop be expanded (because currently the kitchen is barely decorated and without a chef).

Jeremy & Iris

Personal and Family

  • Please keep praying for Iris’ work and study. May God add abundantly the necessary strength to her.
  • Also pray for the health of the couple and the children.


  • Please keep praying for a smooth application of visa for Jeremy. The document has been given to the local lawyer who assists him to go through the formalities. Hope that everything is doing fine.
  • Please also keep praying for the ministry upon returning to Water city. May God open a new path.
  • Pray that the Lord will prepare co-workers for the ministry.

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