2021-03 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2021-03 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

South Asia – Water City

Water City’s teacher

Lewis & Lucy

Personal and Family

  • Thank God, they’ve found a kindergarten teacher who has a lot of experience to help them train their daughter at home. She’s a very loving sister who is their good coworker. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!
  • Pray for their whole family to have a good relationship with the Lord. Pray for the health of both sets of parents, and that they will understand God’s will better.


  • May Lewis have wisdom to manage his current work at the shop, that everything is in God’s hand and the life of the staff is in God’s guidance.
  • May God bless and help the business of the shop and let them know if the kitchen has to be further improved and the shop be expanded (because currently the kitchen is barely decorated and without a chef).
  • Pray for one of their coworkers who is two months’ pregnant. She’s now off work, staying at home. Recently they shared some testimonies with her, and she was very moved. Pray the Holy Spirit will soften and continue to move in her heart.

Jeremy & Iris

Personal and Family

  • Continue to pray for Iris’s work and studies. May the Lord give her the strength to meet all her challenges.
  • Pray for the health of all their family; may the Lord protect them all.


  • Pray for Jeremy’s visa to be issued without any problems.
  • Pray for the ministry they will soon start in Water City: may the Lord open the way!
  • Pray for good coworkers for them.

Southeast Asia – Banana City & Lychee City

Banana City’s teacher

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Personal and Family

  • Thank God, Brother Tai’s family has already returned home, and when they arrived they didn’t have to do quarantine. Also, Brother Tai’s lower back pain is much better.

Banana City Ministry

  • In March, after his kids are back in school, Brother Tai plans to do more visitation, to go to Banana City and help take needed goods up the mountain to the refugees. Pray for Brother Tai’s family and his ministry. Lately the government has come again, putting pressure on him, trying to get him to stop his work. May the Lord give him heavenly faith that can face persecution, trusting the Lord completely and bearing witness boldly.

Lychee City Ministry

Lychee City refugee camps’ teacher
  • Please continue to pray for Lychee City. Because of the civil war, the situation is even more tense and complex than before. In this conflict between a number of people groups and the government, nobody knows what the future of the refugee camps will be. At present it’s very difficult for them even to go out to buy anything, and there are very few people selling anything. But still, we thank God that recently received offerings have been able to be sent by Brother Tai to the camp, so they have money to use.

Brother Yuen


  • Because of the pandemic, Brother Yuen has not been able to go to the field and is working on a pig farm for his ministry platform. Pray he’ll soon be able to return to Banana City to do ministry.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

Coconut City’s minority

Thailand Sister Chaw Chaw and Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal and Family

  • Pray for the daughter-in-law of ChawChaw to receive the salvation, may the Holy Spirit moved her heart.
  • Winnie’s younger brother’s eyes are bothering him again; may the Lord heal him.
  • Pray for The Lord to keep their family members healthy.


  • There has been a coup in Lychee City, and all the Lychee City banks are closed. Right now they can’t even withdraw money to buy food and daily necessities. May the Lord help his people and bring this situation to an end soon! (as of Feb 21, 2021.)
  • Soon it will be summer break and the children will come back. May the Lord give them wisdom to pastor these children.
  • Pray that God provide a peaceful environment for the Lychee City children to study, not let them be affected by protests, etc.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Family members of brothers and sisters in Jail

Zane & Nancy

Personal and Family

  • Pray for Zane and Nancy’s health; May the Lord heal Nancy’s migraine headaches.
  • Pray Zane and Nancy’s relationship can be more harmonious and for them each to have a closer relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray Nancy has more wisdom and more patience in serving the local people.
  • Pray God supplies all their needs so they can help more people.


  • Pray for all of the Wa people: May the Lord cleanse this land and prepare the hearts of the people to come to Him! Pray for the Wa Church to be established and for coworkers to be raised up.
  • Brother Yantian preached the gospel in prison, and twelve people believed in the Lord. Pray these believers can have good behavior in the prison and get out of prison early. Pray the Lord provide for their families, and that the Lord will help Zane and Nancy follow up and visit the families. I pray the Lord will heal and protect Brother Yantian (he has high blood pressure and cerebral infarction).
  • Their kindergarten is starting up in March. Pray for new kids to come and for their parents to accept the kindergarten, so that seeds can be planted in the children’s hearts; and that from now on, they can truly know the Lord.
  • Pray for the brothers and sisters in the uremia patients’ fellowship group, that they will depend more on the Lord and grow in their faith. Pray for one sister who had ovarian cancer, may the Lord heal her and it won’t come back.

Africa – Mineral City

Mineral City’s women

Duke &  Sandy

Personal and Family

  • Pray for their parents to have peace and joy and to live under God’s protection.
  • May the Lord expand their borders. May he keep them both safe and healthy; and may he make their paths firm.
  • Pray for them to get their permanent residence papers without difficulty.


  • Continue to pray for them as they buy land to build a church. May the Lord provide, and may the local government approve their project soon.

Levant – Tree City

Tree City’s students

Peter & Sally

Personal and Family

  • Pray their family will experience God’s presence more fully.
  • Pray their daughter has intelligence and wisdom in her studies. She’s now 8, studying Arabic, English, arithmetic, nature, and other subjects. Pray for their son to have a teachable heart.
  • Pray for Peter’s younger brother and Sally’s family members to be saved.


  • Pray for the team to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit more.
  • Pray for the young people’s spiritual lives as they go through testing to be purified like gold, that their foundation will be firm.
  • Pray for church members to understand the Word of God better.

Brother Enoch

Personal and Family

  • Pray for him to get his own home.
  • Pray for him to remain healthy.
  • Pray the Lord will guide his path ahead.

Levant – Olive City

Olive City’s Christian pizza shop

Samson & Ava

Personal and Family

  • Ava’s younger brother is now residing in Sweden. His foot operation was not successful: He feels pain and can’t walk properly, or even work very well. He wants to go back to Olive City. Pray the Lord opens the way for him.


  • In the area where they live, even basic living needs are very scarce (for example: bread, gasoline, food …) Pray the Lord supplies all their needs (especially for the children of the Center).
  • Pray for their ministry to wives, that these ladies can come to know the Lord and be saved.
  • Pray for the children in the Center to have peace.
  • Pray for them not to be infected with the virus.
  • Pray for their team to have wisdom and ability from God.

Central Asia – Friendship City

Friendship City’s children

Giles & Joan & family

Personal and Family

  • Pray for their elder son and his family of three to have a smooth return trip from China to Friendship City.


  • Pray for the two children they’re fostering, and pray for the children’s school.
  • Pray for their trip to Q City, that everything goes smoothly.
  • Pray for students in Q City, that as they read the Bible every day, they will understand God’s Word. Pray God keep their hearts innocent and hungry for Truth. Also pray for the policing of this city, that God will grant peace and safety.

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