2021 11 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2021 11 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

South Asia – Friendship City

We prepared the padded jacket for the Afghan Refugee Children

Giles & Joan & family

Personal & Family

  • Pray for the school studies of the two kids Giles’ family have taken in.
  • Pray for the marriages of their disciple, Usman, and of their younger son; may God help them to find suitable wives.
  • Pray for their eldest son’s wife, who is going to have a baby in January, for a smooth delivery.
  • Pray for both Giles’ and Joan’s visas.


  • Pray for their discipling programs, both online and in-person.
  • Pray for their preparations and distribution to Afghani refugees of jackets and shoes for the winter.
  • Pray for them to be able to work harder serving the Lord in days to come, and may He send more workers to the Middle East.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Banana City Children

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Personal & Family

  • Pray for brother Tai’s family; He’s already been separated from his wife and third child for more than a month. Because of controls set due to the pandemic, it’s very hard for them to leave the locations where they are at this time, but he misses his family very much and hopes they will soon be reunited.


  • They have divided their Sunday meetings up into three locations, about 5 to 8 people at each location. Pray for the safety of their meetings.
  • Pray for one elderly sister in the church who is 71 this year and has a brain tumor. Her right side is paralyzed and her memory is not so good — she can recite only the Lord’s prayer. Her son is taking care of her. She’s very zealous in her love for the Lord; may the Lord protect her and heal her! Winter is coming, and elderly and children easily catch cold, so may the Lord protect their health.
  • As the pandemic situation has become severe in the area where Brother Tai is, movement is again very restricted. In this environment of so many long-term restrictions, a lot of shops have been forced to close down and the main town in the county is very quiet — people can’t make a living, and there are hardly any work opportunities. Please pray for the pandemic situation and the people’s lives there!
  • Now Brother Tai meets each Saturday with the Banana City sisters that were mentioned in last month’s requests. Now there are 15 or 20 of them; may the Lord protect this ministry! Sometimes he feels powerless; May the Lord Himself give him wisdom and power.
  • In Banana City – brothers and sisters often ask when the pandemic will be over so they can meet together again. Pray that they will truly experience God — they will know He has not forsaken them, that He is with them.
  • In Lychee City, both the civil war and the pandemic situation are severe.

Brother Yuen


  • Because of the pandemic, Brother Yuen has still not been able to return to the field and is now still working on a pig farm for his ministry platform. Pray that he will soon be able to go back to Banana City and continue his ministry.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

Coconut City, Grace Center children

Thai Sister ChawChaw & Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal & Family

  • Winnie’s third son has married, as of October. Pray God will bless this new family. The wife is a Christian. Pray God will give her grace to share the gospel with her husband so that Winnie’s son will soon be saved.
  • Pray God moves Winnie’s younger brother to participate in church life so that his spiritual life can grow.
  • ChawChaw:  Pray God will give ChawChaw’s grandson wisdom, that he will have a heart to study and learn and get free from the bondage of online games.


  • They have a plan to buy land, and ChawChaw is looking at different places right now. May the Lord give them a suitable place.
  • At present some of the children have come back and are with them. School started October 1st. Pray that during this time they will have wisdom to help their children grow in the spiritual lives.
  • One of their children contracted COVID-19 at school. He’s out of the hospital now, but in school he still has to be isolated for 14 days. Also, his brother didn’t catch the virus but has been in the same room, and therefore he has to be isolated too, and there are also more than a hundred other students in the school who have to be isolated along with them. Pray for peace for these children.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

Chili City Children

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for Zane’s and Nancy’s health, that the Lord will heal all their illnesses and give them health and strength.
  • Pray for Zane’s younger brother’s wife who is 7 months’ pregnant. She’s had a constant fever that doesn’t go away. She has stayed in the hospital for 9 days. Pray the Lord will heal her, give her faith, and protect the child in her womb and let the baby grow up healthy.
  • Pray for Zane, Nancy, and their family members to have better relationships among themselves. May God give them wisdom and love. May he choose Zane’s younger brother and his wife, that they may know and experience the Lord and truly believe in Him.


  • Pray for Nancy to have wisdom, power, love, and patience to teach and manage the children. Pray for the children to be obedient and diligent in their studies.
  • May the Lord prepare teachers for the kindergarten as well as ministry coworkers. Pray that Nancy and Zane will have the ability to care for nineteen 2- to- 7-year-old children in their daily studies, for their meals and daily lives.
  • Pray for wisdom for Zane to serve the fellowship of uremia patients, that he will be able to help everybody to have a good relationship with the Lord, to know Him and to rely on Him.
  • Pray for the coworkers who are involved in meetings in the mountains. May the Lord heal those who are sick, may He cover and protect them! Persecution is at a high level right now and a co-worker is still in prison; may the Lord strengthen his heart his faith so that he can be set free as soon as possible.
  • May the Lord bless their Thanksgiving meeting; May the Spirit of the Lord fill them and move them! Because their meeting place is so far away, may the Lord provide everything they need, right where they are!

Africa – Mineral City

Mineral City Sister

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for safety, joy, and protection for their parents.
  • Pray the Lord will expand them, pray that He will keep them healthy and safe and make their steps firm.
  • Pray their work permits and permanent residence documents will be issued without delays.


  • Pray that God will continue to protect their meetings.
  • Pray that the brothers and sisters will be revived, unified, love each other, spread the gospel, and witness more for the Lord.
  • Continue to pray for them to be able to buy land and build a church. Pray the Lord moves the local government to approve their plans quickly.

South Asia – Water City

Water City Child

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for the safety and health of the whole family, and for them to be spiritually sensitive.
  • Pray for their online meetings with both sides of the family back in China that they can keep a good relationship and have good devotional times together. Also, especially remember Lewis’ mother’s and Lucy’s father’s health situations: may the Lord heal them!
  • Pray for their eldest daughter, that she can soon find good friends, and that she can learn the local language. May the Lord lead her heart and give her wisdom and understanding.


  • May the Lord give Lewis wisdom to communicate well with the workers, and may the Lord provide everything that they need for their shop.
  • May the Lord keep the workers and Lewis healthy, may he be protected by the blood of Jesus!
  • Pray their workers will be hungry for God’s Word, especially the one local worker who lives with them.

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family

  • Continue to pray for iris’s work; May the Lord give her all the strength she needs.
  • Pray for the health and safety of their entire family.


  • Continue to pray for the pandemic situation in Water City.
  • Pray for Jeremy’s studies, that the Lord will help him to get better equipped during this time.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope Students

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family

  • Pray for them to have a deeper relationship with the Lord, to daily live out the teachings of the Bible and of the Lord.
  • Pray they’ll have the wisdom to go and preach the good news no matter what condition the country is in.
  • Pray for Ava’s mother, that the Lord will heal her of melancholia (like depression), that she can return to serving the Lord.
  • Pray the Lord heals Samson’s back pain.

Ministry: The House of Hope

  • May the Lord expand their ministry and help more people to come to the Lord.
  • Pray their coworkers will be in unity and have wisdom and power to continue serving the Lord faithfully.
  • Pray the kids at the House of Hope will understand God’s Word.
  • Pray for discipleship training for 45 teenagers.

Levant – Tree City

Nexus Center Students

Peter & Sally

Personal & Family

  • Pray for their daughter’s classmates in school that they can be quiet during class so that she can concentrate on her work. Pray for their two children as they grow, to develop Christian character and wisdom.
  • Pray they will have more spiritual wisdom to manage family and ministry.
  • Pray that God will watch over their family members back in China and lead them to know Him and His grace.

Ministry: Nexus Center

  • Pray for the students in Nexus Center. The weather is turning cold; pray God will keep them in good health.
  • Pray for the 8 church members who have just been baptized, that the spirit of God will help them to grow in their spiritual lives.
  • Pray for their coworkers’ unity, that they will continue serving the Lord faithfully.

Brother Enoch

Personal & Family

  • Pray for him to have a good relationship with God.
  • Pray for his studies and work to go smoothly.

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