Abiding By Your Promise

Dear Pastor, Churches, Friends of Nexus

“Abiding By Your Promise” is a kind of behavior. It means making a promise, taking the necessary measures, and whole-heartedly following through until what you said you would do is completely done.

2 Timothy 2:13 “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny himself.”

Water City: Two Promise-keepers, Levi and Lucy

Levi and Lucy are second-generation believers from the rural Chinese church. Levi’s mother had two sons. She gave Levi to the Lord as an offering. Before finishing high school, he went to a training center to study the Bible, cross cultural ministry, and English to prepare himself for serving the Lord.

In 2011, 24-year-old Levi left his homeland for the first time on a mission trip to Water City. In 2013, he and Lucy obeyed God’s call and went to Water City as long-term overseas workers, where they are now rearing two daughters, ages 7 and 3. When the pandemic started, the Holy Spirit said to them, “Stay here in Water City and go through the pandemic with these people.” During the last two years or so, overseas workers from different countries, one by one, have left the field, but this couple have kept their promise to the Holy Spirit and stayed. They miss their family back in China, they miss the taste of hometown food; but every day they are eating what the locals eat — not with chopsticks, but with their bare hands. They’ve “melted” into the culture and become one with the people.

Water City Rural Believers

Johnny and Levi went into the slum and visited a brother and sister that they helped seven years ago.

Abraham and Muir’s parents passed away nearly at the same time, one from cancer and the other also from disease, leaving them orphans at a young age. Levi felt very moved by the love that the other slum dwellers showed these kids — they shared what little food they had with the orphaned brother and sister, and together they brought them up. Before their parents died, Levi provided funds for their hospital stay, medical treatment, and funeral expenses. He said, “In my years of experience working in the slum, I’ve never seen such loving neighbors as these people, helping one another like that! Praise God!”

Abraham worked in a restaurant. He wasn’t paid with money but just got food, and at night he would take home food for his younger sister. Now they are 17 and 11 years old respectively, and for just the last three months Abraham has been working as a tricycle taxi driver.

11-year-old Muir
Water City Slum Neighbors

Levi said, “I’ve never looked down on these slum families, but I’ve just wanted more love so I can go love them more. Now that I see them growing up becoming adults, my heart is greatly comforted because I see them standing up on their own and really living! What I desire is to stay with them, to be able to keep protecting them, and to help them grow in the Lord.”

“This  area is actually the ‘slum of the slum’ — they were driven out to the far edge and not accepted by those in the main part of the slum. Originally they had come from the countryside to the city to try to find work so they could eat — the poorest of the poor — and here they were, helping each other.”

Levi’s training center has not stopped operating but has kept right on serving in the slum. Some organizations have left due to the pandemic, but thank God, we have faithful servants in this place who continue serving God!

Tree City — Cold, Stormy Weather

Tree City This Winter

Freezing temperatures and snowstorms have worsened living conditions across Tree City, where most people are already struggling to survive the country’s economic crisis.

Few can afford fuel for heating or electricity amid widespread power cuts. Many people have been forced to burn waste, plastic, or even their own clothes to be able to keep their houses warm. The situation is catastrophic.

Reach Out And Find Them

During this situation in Tree City, the people need hope, help, and encouragement. Our team provides relief supplies (diesel and food) in order to draw the people to Jesus. With the supplies we distribute, we include a card with a Bible verse and a message saying we are praying for them and inviting them to church; and we share the Gospel with each family we help.

Due to the overwhelming needs of the current situation, we are limiting those we help to families whose situations are tragic: unemployed and without income, widows, orphans, the abandoned, and the disabled.

Distributing Kerosene

There is a widow. She lost her husband three months ago because they couldn’t afford the right medication for him. He had been suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and kidney failure. “Individuals like you are not only a joy to interact with and to be around, but you are also an inspiration… you are our angels. Thank you so much for being a refreshing, loving, giving person!”

The Widow

This widow lives with her daughter, and neither has any income. When they received a diesel voucher, they were overjoyed and said, ” Praise be to the Lord! Usually, we have to cover ourselves with blankets to get warm because there is no more diesel. Thank you! Because of your warm heart, you make our house warm as well. Blessings to all of you!”

Despite the Cold, There Are 10,000 Reasons to Come to Church

Antioch Church

Even though the temperature is 5 degrees below zero (°C), many decided to come to church. One said, “No matter how low the temperature is, we can warm our hearts, souls, and spirits with Jesus! There is one reason to stay at home but 10,000 reasons to come to church and worship Jesus!”

More Than a School

One of the main departments at Nexus Center in Tree City is the education department. We have six classes and more than 120 students. God is moving greatly in our midst! At first, the students didn’t even know how to hold a pencil; but after a few months they’ve started to be able to hold conversations in English, read, write, and count. And the most important thing is that their behavior has changed a lot! Nexus has started to bear good fruit in this department.

Testimony: I Can’t Give Enough, But I Can Give a Hug!!

Olive City Refugees

On Teachers’ Day, each teacher shared his or her testimony with the children. Fahima, one of the young assistants, shared with us, “I want to thank God a lot for giving me this opportunity to teach the children! I am not educated and not qualified … I can’t promise that I can provide enough knowledge and teaching to the students, but I can give them a hug. I can give them love, care, and whatever I have!

I am not worthy of this position; but because of God’s grace, and because I’ve been a faithful servant, God promoted me to this position… I am so grateful and thankful to Jesus!

I want to thank Nexus Center and the leaders for giving us opportunities the world never gives …  now I feel that I belong to the family of Christ and am serving in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Nexus Is Our Beacon!

Our Meeting With the Refugee Camp Leader and the Local Imam.

We visited the children’s parents, and the strange thing is that the parents came to sit with us. (In their culture, they never welcome strangers in this way.) They told us they’d lost everything but that because of Nexus, they’d won their children back: “In addition to education, the children receive a lot of love and attention. The best thing that has happened to us here is that you opened a center. You are a beacon to us!”

They told us that everyone has forgotten them, but we encouraged them and shared that God won’t forsake them; He will provide whatever they need. We prayed together in the name of the Lord.

Interestingly, one of the parents started counting numbers and letters in English, saying, “Every day my children study and do their homework, and I am learning from them.”

Due to the pandemic, many Lychee City students haven’t been to school for almost two years; but now at last they’re back in Coconut City getting ready to start classes in May.

Lychee City Students

The fact that a Nexus Mission co-worker can be an angel to Water City, Lychee City, Tree City, and Olive City is only because of the prayers and support of Nexus’ friends. Together, we are the “covering angels” for these extremely poor and slum dwellers, bringing them the gospel and a future with a changed life.

“Abiding By Your Promises” means making a promise, taking the necessary measures, and whole-heartedly following through until what you said you would do is completely done.

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13

Sincerely from your servant,

Nexus Mission

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