2022 07 Nexus Mission Newsletter

2022 07 Nexus Mission Newsletter

You Are the Salt of the Earth; You Are the Light of the World   Matthew 5:13-14

Project Seeds

The project provides financial help to Syrian refugee and IDP (internally displaced people) children which includes support for learning centers, teachers, extracurricular activity sites/grounds, meals, books, etc. You can support a child for $300 HKD ($40 USD) per month or $3600 HKD ($480 USD) per year. For details please email info@nexusmission.org.

Dear Friends of Nexus and Project Seeds Partners,

Project Seeds Yearly Review

From 2021 until now, we’ve seen in the news how Tree City prices have continued to soar along with their collapsing economy, corrupt government, insufficient power supply, etc. At the same time, the situation in Olive City is that there are millions of internally displaced people, the currency is collapsing, the general population is living below the poverty line, the years of war have created a large number of traumatized adults and children…and so on.  These things present a very dark picture on the surface, but also at this time Nexus coworkers are on the scene with loving, joyful hearts ministering to needy children and their families. Let’s take a look at how coworkers are shining the Light of Christ in the darkness!

Tree City – Nexus Center

At the beginning of 2021, Nexus Center continued teaching the teenagers while preparing to reopen classes for younger children (conducting registration and preparing textbooks, classrooms, tables, stools, a soccer field, equipment for activities, etc). In October when the children returned to Nexus Center for classes, the place filled up with the sound of children’s laughter. In December when we prepared a Christmas dinner with gifts and activities, they experienced a joyful, warm Christmas.

Installing a Basketball Hoop for the Center
Making Tables and Benches for the Classroom
Soccer Practice
Lunchtime for Nexus Center Students
Nexus Center Students and Teachers
Receiving Warm Shoes for Christmas

Every school day, the students come very early to Nexus Center and wait for us to open; and when classes are finished they don’t want to leave, “Nexus Center is our joy and hope, and we feel loved here. We want to please our teachers, so when we get back home, we study hard.”

Nexus Center Students Outside the Center

This year in June, we held Nexus Center’s first parent-teacher conference. We introduced the Center, our long-range educational goals, students’ potential academic achievement, etc. We received positive feedback about this meeting from parents, students, and teachers alike.

Our First Parent-Teacher Conference

Olive City – The House of Hope

From 2021 to the present, the House of Hope has continued helping the local poor people by educating their children. We want to be faithful to the mission we have received from God.

The House of Hope is open 7 days a week to children of different backgrounds. We have five administrative staff members; six teachers; and fifteen volunteers helping with administration, cleaning, and counseling mothers, children, and certain families. We teach the children English, mathematics, and Arabic; but more importantly, we teach them the Word of God. Three times a week, teachers and volunteers provide counseling to injured students affected by the war. And in our environment of chronic food shortage, we continue providing a little food daily for each student.

Teachers find creative ways to help the children enjoy learning.
A Birthday Party
In the classroom, students study diligently.
2021 Christmas Program Student Performance
Mother’s Day activities brought joy to mothers and students alike.
Easter Activity

Two Boys Living “As If In Heaven.”

Mohammed and Hussain

Mohammed and Hussain’s family is from the northern part of Olive City. They have been homeless ever since they left their place. Their life has been extremely difficult — they’ve been through war, bombing, and rule by ISIS. They have no home to go back to. We met them as they were peddling chewing gum on the street. Their father has to collect trash in order to feed his family. We invited them to the House of Hope, and soon they became our students.

After their arrival, they became very happy. The teacher asked them why they were so happy, and they replied, “Because this is the first time we feel loved, like we belong here. Our life here is like being in heaven.”

We’re thankful for your support! Together we can keep on being the “Light of the World” to more lives in Tree City, Olive City, and other needy places.

Sincerely, Olivia Nexus Mission Coworker

Postscript: A question often asked by Project Seeds participants:

Q: Does my donation go directly to the student on the file you gave me?

A: Costs at Nexus Center and the House of Hope include rent, teacher salaries, electricity, book and study material costs, etc. The support you send for a child helps us carry the load of  providing education for one child. At first, Nexus Center and the House of Hope were helping 140 children; now we can help 300. It is through our partnership with you that we continue to operate. Therefore we want to thank you here on behalf of all the children who have been receiving an education at Nexus Center and at the House of Hope!  

We give out information on individual students so that you can pray, but your donation helps all the students. When you make an inquiry about a student’s situation, of course we do our best to give you a timely reply; however, as our financial resources are limited and our main goal is to provide urgent, timely help — education and life support — for children in need, we may not be able to provide immediate information for you when a child’s situation changes. Please understand, and forgive us for this.

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