2023 05 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2023 05 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

Special Prayer Request: The container arrived at Olive City on April 28. By May 6 it had cleared customs and the goods were stored in our storage facility. But transporting relief goods within the country requires written government permission; and also during passage through the many checkpoints along the way, there are government officials looking for an opportunity to extract bribes. Please pray the goods are soon delivered safely into the hands of disaster victims.

The container’s goods are stored in an Olive City warehouse.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope Children

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family

  • God has opened many doors of ministry for us; may He give us wisdom to plan our time.
  • Pray we can receive the Lord’s strength every day and accomplish His will.
  • I (Ava) have an aunt who just passed away. May the Lord comfort her grieving daughter.

Ministry: The House of Hope

  • Our team will have training sessions and pray for the team to learn together, improve and put what they have learned into practice.
  • Pray for the women’s ministry, and bless the women to find comfort from God.
  • Pray for the visiting team to be good listeners and to give peace, hope, comfort and good news to the families displaced by the earthquake.
  • Government departments’ agents often visit House of Hope, question us, and ask God to protect our work.

Levant – Tree City

Nexus Center Students

Peter & Sally

Personal & Family

  • May the Lord give us the ability and wisdom to bless and lead the people.
  • Pray that the Lord will lead our daughter to learn to get along with her classmates.
  • We are preparing for our son to learn Chinese. May the Lord prepare everything.

Ministry: Nexus Center

  • Nexus Center has recently updated its internal management structure, May the Lord bless the new management.
  • Pray for the Ministry of Education, the new semester is about to start, may teachers have the wisdom and ability to serve students.
  • Grateful for the great progress we have made in the youth. Pray for them to continue to grow and to glorify God.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

Grace Center Children

Thai sister ChawChaw and Hong Kong sister Winnie

Personal & Family

  • My (Winnie) younger brother is undergoing chemotherapy again. May the Lord to strengthen his body.
  • Pray that ChawChaw and I will be stronger in mind, body and spirit, so we can continue working in the ministry for a longer time.
  • Pray for ChawChaw’s daughter (Ai Ai) to quit her job wisely and prepare to join the Grace Center.

Ministry: Grace Center

  • Gratitude: For the 12 children in the center who did not have identity documents, the school asked the village head to guarantee, and finally a village head was willing to provide a guarantee so that they could go to school.
  • May God give Ai Ai wisdom, she is designing the foundation office. Pray for passing the government inspection.
  • May the Lord to send suitable co-workers to serve in the new place.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Banana City Child

Brother Tai & Sister Ling

Personal & Family

  • Thank you for your prayers. My (Brother Tai) pericarditis was healed by God, and I rarely suffer from insomnia.
  • Various government departments’ agents often visit my home, and I am the key interviewee. A surveillance camera was installed at the door of my house, and they had to track my itinerary every day, so I couldn’t leave the county. Recently, I was asked to record a statement for three hours, they tried to prevent my three children from believing in God. May God protect us, strengthen our family’s faith, wisdom and strength, and help us overcome disturbances.


  • May God strengthen the hearts of brothers and sisters in my hometown, so that His way will not be restricted, and His family can speak His words freely.
  • Lychee City: Wars continue, and many people are killed every day. May God comfort and have mercy on the people there.
  • Lychee City: The weather was hot, and many children in the orphanage suffered from heat stroke. Because there was no electricity on the mountain, the house was stuffy. Many children were cooled by the river and contracted malaria. Two children have already returned to heaven. May God provide for the necessary expenses and medicines, and also bless the weather of the land, and protect the health of the children and co-workers.
  • Banana City: The persecuted brothers and sisters have started a new life on the mountain, and the house has been built. May God bless them, make them strong and courageous, strengthen their faith, and give them what they need.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

You Fu Center Child

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family

  • My (Zane) second sister coughed up blood. May God to heal her and strengthen her faith.
  • Both of us and Nancy’s third sister got influenza A virus. May God heal us.
  • May God to give us the wisdom to preach His good news.

Ministry: You Fu Center

  • Many children in the You Fu Center got influenza A virus. May God to heal them.
  • We plan to open kindergartens or learning Centers in two villages of ethnic minorities. Teachers are already coming. May God guide us.
  • There are three sisters who are going to be baptized. May God to prepare a suitable time.
  • Pray for the ethnic minorities in my hometown, to break the idols and curses, and turn people’s hearts to Him.

South Asia – Friendship Country / Middle East – Ruby City

Sharing Good News in Friendship Country Village

Giles and Joan Family

Personal & Family

  • We returned to our hometown from the Middle East in May, and it took two months to go back and forth by land. Pray for the smoothness and safety of our journey.
  • Pray for us and our younger son to learn Middle Eastern languages.

Ministry: Ruby City

  • We serve international students, have weekly gatherings and dinners, and a couple live in our home. Pray for the expansion of our hospitality service here.

Ministry: Friendship Country

  • Pray for the hearts of the people in the villages we visited to be attracted by God’s word and receive the good news.

South Asia – Water City

Water City Woman

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for our whole family to have good relationships with God and a stable family devotional time. Pray God gives us the strength to follow Him closely.
  • Pray for my (Lewis’) father’s hearing to be restored and healed.
  • Pray for our elder daughter in school, for favor and wisdom learning English and the language of Water City. May God bless our children to be healthy as they grow up!


  • Pray for our new chef, new barista, and the overall running of our new shop.
  • Pray for our health and our workers’ health, and that we can maintain good communication with them.
  • Pray for our neighborhood visitation, for the women’s and children’s small group studies. May God open the eyes of their hearts so they see Christ as most precious!

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family

  • My (Jeremy) father just passed away. May God comfort my family.
  • Pray for my studies. Pray our two children stay healthy.
  • Pray for my wife’s work. At this time she is teaching in a school for the handicapped. May the Lord give her more strength.


  • Pray for my plan to take a mission team to Water City in July or August during the summer holiday. May God open the way so more people can go.

Norman & Linda

Personal & Family

  • Pray our application for a security license goes smoothly, the office here has been giving us a hard time.
  • Pray for the health of our parents. Both my (Norman) parents have been hospitalized recently, my mother has rheumatoid and my father has pneumonia. Thankfully, they are all out of the hospital now. May God heal them completely!


  • May God bless us by giving us better relations and ministry cooperation with local churches.
  • At this time, Water City’s economy is in free fall, and the price of goods is rising rapidly. People are all worried — in fact, terrified! May the Lord give His peace!

Africa –  Mineral City

Church renovation is almost completed

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for both of us to stay in good health.
  • Pray for our parents back in China, that God keeps them safe, healthy, and joyful day by day.


  • As the building is almost finished, may God help us as we move the church to the new location.

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