Nexus Mission Foundation Established, Purchases Land in Thailand

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Deut 11:11-12 But the land that you are going over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water by the rain from heaven, a land that the LORD your God cares for. The eyes of the LORD your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Grace Center, Thailand — Chaw Chaw’s Newsletter: “As We Set Out to Serve Thailand, Hardship Greeted Us.”

Thank God, it’s been 17 years since we started serving in 2006, up to the present year of 2023. Children taken in by the Center are generally 2 – 4 years old when they arrive, and we’ve had at least 150 children. In 2016, Nexus Mission, Chaw Chaw, and her coworkers set up Grace Center, Thailand. Now the eldest child still in the home, Sister Bang, is 20, in her first year of university; the youngest is 2 years old but weighs only 9 kg due to poor nutrition — she’s a preacher’s daughter.

As I think back over the past, whenever I would see refugee families in trouble, I would ask myself, what can I do for these children? Now I’m old, and as I think about what I’ve been doing all these years — all the trouble, all the perseverance through pain, but then finally seeing children graduate to become nurses, or university or Bible school graduates — because of results like these, I think the years of effort have all been worthwhile! The most important thing was that the children could come to know God; and that when they grow up, they know how to help others. I am very grateful to my coworker Sister Winnie for all she has done all these years, and also for the help we received from mission teams, pastors, and all the teachers — during the hardest times, just when we needed help the most, they loved us and helped us and our children — this is what made our ministry go better and better. We’ve been through so many troubles and things that were hard to bear, but we prayed constantly and never gave up, always asking God to open the best way for us. Sometimes we couldn’t get ID’s or residence permits for the children, or we didn’t know how we could get them into school or even how to give them food or housing. But we always clung to our faith in God — Jehovah Jireh — He will provide! And He will never forsake us!

“Be strong and courageous!” “Taking the land for your inheritance” is a sustained process — there is no way that this can be accomplished at one stroke, or that success can be gotten in one attempt. So as our model, we take the way Abraham possessed of the land in response to God’s promise. Amen! Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Everyone please continue to remember Potter’s House in Lychee City (as the country is still at war), and also the refugee children taken in by Grace Center in Coconut City.


Chaw Chaw and Sister Winnie

Grace Center, Coconut City

Nexus Mission Foundation is purchasing a total of 5 Rai (8000 square meters or 2 acres) of land.

The land will be used for offices, classrooms, a church, dorms for the children and coworkers, for planting, a fish pond, etc. The foundation has already purchased two fifths of the land (2 Rai), with 3/5 still remaining to be purchased. The Land Bureau set the first stake certifying the boundary of our land purchase next to the electric service pole on July 3, 2023. We pulled weeds to prepare for measuring the land border; everyone confirmed the measurement by signing their names.

The Land Bureau placed this bamboo stake with the plastic bag on the end on 3 July, 2023. It was the first stake so placed as a marker authorizing measurement of the boundary.

After measurements were taken by the Land Bureau, everyone signed to confirm the boundaries.
Grace Center’s landlord is requiring us to return the property, so we have to move.
Extracurricular Activity, Grace Center
Lunch for the Children of Grace Center

Brother Ken’s Family Newsletter — Our ‘Long March’ from Ruby City to China Shenzhen.

Baisha Lake, Pamir Plateau, Xinjiang
Babusar Top, Friendship Country, (elevation 4,173 m / 13,700 ft)

Brother Ken’s three-generation, seven-member family has served while supporting themselves in Friendship Country and been financially self-sufficient for a full ten years. At the beginning, Brother Ken brought his wife and two sons to Friendship Country. Later his eldest son returned home to marry, then brought his wife, who is originally from Inner Mongolia, back to Friendship Country. Now the son and his wife have two daughters.

They served orphans and the local church, and also they raised a local child while doing business. They taught him God’s Word and Chinese, and now the child is grown up, is a disciple of the Lord, and can speak fluent Chinese.

In 2022, Brother  discussed with Nexus that he believed God was calling his family to leave Friendship Country and move deeper into the Middle East. In January, 2023, he and his wife took their 25-year-old younger son Gray to Ruby City and started a new life, while their elder son Glen, his wife Maya, and their two kids kept their work in Friendship Country going.

Dear Friends of Nexus,

My wife and I took a bus from Ruby City to Friendship Country, from P City to Q City and on to L City; and finally to the Chinese border of Xinjiang Province, the Khunjerab Pass; then Kashgar, Urumuqi, and on …. a one-way trip of 7137 km (4435 miles). The two of us stood under the highest snowcapped peaks and gave thanks for our Father’s provision on our entire trip from Ruby City to the Khunjerab Pass at Xinjiang’s border. We thank God for your companionship and support for more than ten years, and we are very, very grateful for your prayers! We arrived safely at the Xinjiang customs port, then at Kashgar that afternoon, and together we gave thanks to God!

Nineteen years ago I traveled this part of the silk route alone, but this time it was my wife and I traveling together. It’s all winding mountain roads; and at the highest point, oxygen is a bit scarce — this is the world’s highest-elevation highway. We stopped to pray in every city along the way.

Going back! This morning our train left from Xi’an headed for Turpan; from there we go on to Urumuqi and then Kashgar. There were no sleeper tickets — we could only get two hard-seat tickets. About the 14th we’ll enter Friendship Country; then about the 20th we will be back in Ruby City.


Brother and Mrs Ken

Ruby City Young People

“The Mission Road” — Reflection by Brother Ken’s son, Gray.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the peace of the Lord be yours!

This time, before my mom and dad came back to China, I was quite worried about them, as they had decided to travel by land — a precipitous, dangerous trip. At first I urge them strongly just to take a direct flight home — wouldn’t that save them a lot of trouble? But they stuck to their idea of taking the overland route. After a while I also realized this was the Lord’s leading, so I stopped saying anything — all I could do was to pray for them and ask God to lead them safely on the way and all the way home. During the time they were on the trip, I was in touch with them. I saw how tired they were, especially my mother, whose health has not been good for some time; and I was quite worried about her. But in fact the “road of mission” is not a comfortable life, and there is spiritual warfare every day. I witnessed their perseverance and God’s leading, that they came back this time and were able to meet a lot of brothers and sisters and to encourage many, many people, and I believe that as God continues to lead, there will be many who can go out as God’s ‘choice soldiers.’

They were back in China for more than a month; and today, July 8, they began their return journey to Ruby City. Tomorrow, July 9th, they will arrive in Kashgar, and approximately the 13th they will take a bus, first to Friendship Country, and then another bus to Ruby City.

Actually this time that my parents have been in China, my heart has felt very empty. But what has brought me comfort is that we have family everywhere; and when I think about it, the feeling in my heart changes instantly, and I don’t feel so empty. I am disciplining myself to read God’s Word every day, to communicate with God every day; and it makes me feel that I am not alone here, but we are a group here. There is a song called “The Mission Road” that enabled me to see we are a troop fighting for the Lord; and on this road we need to encourage one another, care for one another, and watch over one another — only then can we draw closer to God.



Container to Olive City

Syria is a country still at war.

This may well have been the very first container of disaster relief goods sent by an NGO Shipped by sea from Asia to arrive in Syria since the beginning of its civil war twelve years ago. When the container arrived in Syria, we first experienced what seemed an interminable wait! But finally, the national security bureau issued a permit for transport of the relief goods. On July 12th, we began distributing goods into the hands of earthquake disaster victims. Details and testimonies will be shared soon!

Hong Kong Sends Warmth to Syria
Sending Warmth to Syria

The Birth of Nexus Center, Aleppo, Syria

The city of Ar Raqqah, Syria, capital of Raqqah State, was the Syrian supreme headquarters of the Islamic State from 2014 to 2017. It is situated about 160 kilometres (99 miles) east of Aleppo.

We never thought it was so near — such a spiritual “black hole” — a place where Satan can do whatever he wants, where he has changed people’s hearts — changed black to white — maybe we could even say it is “Satan’s heart territory.”

It is by God’s grace we can shine His light in this darkest of places! In this spiritual battle, we know we cannot win by any power or ability we have, but only by relying on the Spirit and the power of the Lord. So we’re asking you with all urgency — please take a minute or two every day and pray for the Center! Thank you!

Teenage English Class, Aleppo
Women’s Meeting, Aleppo

All glory be to our God, our loving Heavenly Father! Thank you for traveling this road with us; thank you for your prayers and encouragement, for fighting this spiritual war with us — not a war against flesh and blood, but something that worldly people cannot understand. Because we belong to the Lord, even though we can’t see each other all the time, still, we are one family.

May the Lord bless your church so that you mount up with wings like eagles, to run for the Lord  — to fly for the Lord. May we receive the greatest heavenly reward from the Lord, which will be to hear him say, “You good and faithful servant”!

Sincerely from,

Candy, Olivia, Johnny & Nexus Mission

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