2019.10 Urgent Prayer Request Northern Olive City

2019.10 Urgent Prayer Request Northern Olive City

Dear Friend of Nexus

On the evening of October 10th, enemy forces bombed northern Olive City and a great number of their ground forces invaded and entered urban areas. Most of the Nexus team’s brothers, sisters, and coworkers are Kurds from northern Olive City, and now they have already lost contact with their relatives and are very worried about their safety. Tomorrow they are going out on a march to present a petition to the international community, hoping they will help protect Kurdish lives. Please pray for the safety of their relatives, their safety as they go on the march; and also pray that they will come to put their trust in the authority of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

When the director of the Nexus Center’s education ministry, Brother Jacob, learned of this news, he immediately tried to contact his two younger sisters and other family members but was unable to do so.

The mother of Shushu, one of the coworkers in the soap-making ministry, was sobbing uncontrollably because she’s extremely worried about the safety of her daughter in Olive City’s army; also Shushu’s aunt is very worried about her two sons in the army …

All of the Kurdish members of our church (Antioch church) have some relatives in northern Olive City, some more, some fewer. Ruza has three sisters and two brothers, Anon has brothers, Adnan has an older sister and brother in law with their family, and there are others! At this time, none of them is able to contact any of their family members.

  1. Pray the Lord grant peace from heaven to the Nexus coworkers and the church’s brothers and sisters.
  2. Pray that the war in northern Olive City will end quickly and that the Lord will keep each brother and sister in His peace.

Candy, Nexus Mission

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