Levi and Lucy

Levi and Lucy

Dear Fellow-travelers,

Thank you for your consistent prayers and support for our family!  We are thankful to be making this journey together with you!  May you receive His strength and blessing so you can run this heavenly race with endurance!

After going home for a short time, we’re back on the field for almost two weeks now.  This time at home we faced big challenges and pressures.  The first thing was our visas, because even though we submitted all the required documents, we were still refused.  So finally we decided just to come to the field and get our visas upon arrival.  But these visas will expire very soon and can’t be replaced here on the field by work visas.

We’re facing this big change in the situation regarding our visas; and if we can’t get the visas, we’ll have to go back home again.  Alex and Ruth are facing the same thing, so please; remember us urgently in your prayers!

Another thing is that both sets of our parents could hardly accept how short a time we were there at home to visit with them before we had to return to the field again.  They don’t cry much, but this time they cried a lot!  It was very difficult for us, but we felt unable to do anything.  Finally, when they realized we weren’t going to stay, they gave us their blessing.  We’re so thankful we have parents like this—parents who still support us!

Our daughter Jireh has already passed her first birthday.  She has been such a joy and comfort to us; may the Lord bless her and help her adjust to this environment!

Recently the ladies in our embroidery ministry have made great progress!  And the hearts of many of them have become very close to us.  They know the problems we’ve been having and are very concerned about us.  Please continue to pray for them, that they may become true “Messengers of Love.”

Prayer Items
1) Pray for blessing on the health of each one in our family (we all have the flu right now), and also the health and spiritual lives of our parents. Also, Lucy’s mother’s right eye and face have some discomfort; may Father heal her!  Also pray for visas for Alex’s family; may Father open the way and make everything go smoothly!
2) Pray for our embroidery ministry, that we can come up with some new designs and products!  Pray for our workers to know Him better and experience His power!
3) It’s the rainy season in Water City, and many places have experienced flooding.  Communicable diseases are rampant.  Please pray!

Levi and Lucy’s family

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