Our Beginning

Our Beginning

China to the world

The Beginning of Our Mission

In January of 2008, three Chinese missionaries went to see a young missionary couple based in Central Asia. During our visit, we learned of the hard conditions they had experienced for the past three years in their service to God. We were deeply touched by their unyielding spirit and determination to persevere. This couple was highly educated. If they had stayed in China, they would have been guaranteed good jobs and a comfortable life. However, after hearing God’s call to take the gospel outside of China, they became cross-cultural missionaries on the frontiers of the world. Once away from all they knew, they became like orphans and lived with those they taught, becoming themselves – the poorest of the poor. They tried to earn a living but it was not enough to pay for their daily needs or the cost of their mission. There were many times when they wanted to give up and return to China, but they stayed on.

So we, after much thought and prayer, realized that many more Chinese missionaries were facing similar situations. They needed a support structure. We decided to become their bridge between worlds.

Nexus Mission was formed to enable Chinese Christians to become effective missionaries. Now with the support and love they require to spread the Word of God, they can carry on their work in places where Christians often suffer for their faith.