Project Panshi 2020-08-05

Project Panshi 2020-08-05

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Project Panshi (Mighty Rock): May Lebanon Be Strong As a Rock!

The Beirut massive explosion damaged the churches in Lebanon.

The day after the explosion, a church we support in Beirut was handing out food on the streets.


Nexus Mission is cooperating with the churches in Beirut to provide assistance in the Lebanon disaster.

In order to strengthen and encourage the church in Beirut, we will provide support with the following emphases:

  1. Help rebuild the churches and replace damaged facilities and equipment.
  1. Provide all kinds of help to families affected or injured by the explosion.
  1. Distribute food packages to needy people through the avenue of the churches.

Our Immediate Action:

The day after the explosion, a church we support in Beirut was handing out sandwiches on the streets. The following day, four Nexus coworkers arrived in Beirut and visited three churches to encourage them and give them donations, and Pastor George immediately agreed to do bread distribution.

Our continued action needs your support:

Lebanon has just experienced ten months of economic and political crisis which has practically exhausted the people’s will to live. Overall, they feel hopeless about the future.

Lebanon is an extremely important Middle Eastern country: the only Christian country in the Middle East!  Therefore we are calling on the Body of Christ to unite in strengthening, helping, and supporting our brothers and sisters in Lebanon to get through this difficult time.

The Lebanese are the Phoenicians of Old Testament times. Cedar trees, Tyre, and Sidon, which are all mentioned in the Old Testament, are in Lebanon. (“[David prepared] … cedar trees without number: for the Sidonians and they of Tyre brought cedar trees in abundance to David.  1 Chron 22:4)

Let’s believe together that we can change the world through our small offerings! (Mark 12:41)

Sincerely, Nexus Mission

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