2020 08 Nexus Newsletter

2020 08 Nexus Newsletter

Click below photo for video: Project Panshi

Project Panshi

Give Jesus One Minute – Thirty Days of Prayer

Dear Friends of Nexus,

Thank you very much, all of you, for your participation in the “Give Jesus One Minute Prayer Project! ” The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” – we can believe and depend on what this verse says! In these thirty days many good things have happened. (We only send the “Thirty Days of Prayer” messages by WhatsApp, WeChat and Line, welcome individual or church to participate the thirty days of “Give Jesus One Minute Prayer Project.” We will send you a message, including prayer requests of a Nexus’ serving country, country profile and missionaries information daily according to your designated start date, so you will understand more about Nexus’ works in different countries and pray for us specifically.)

Pakistani children

We would like to thank Andrew Chen, Head Pastor of New Life Bread of Life Church in Orange County, California, USA, as well as his wife and all the brothers and sisters of the church for your support and for the Scriptures shared every day by Pastor Chen. Nexus Coworker Candy and Olivia do follow-up work with the prayer requests and editing, and Brother Ray translates into English.

Also, we especially want to thank participating churches in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, and all over the world for your written responses; for as you all “give Jesus one minute,” we can continue to serve in all the places we are serving, and to see His peace working!

We completed the charity bazaar project of selling in China the wild honey brought back from Laos to help brothers and sisters in Laos affected by wind disaster there, and also we sent the money raised back to Laos so that the ones affected by the windstorm can rebuild their homes.

We are still continuing our disaster relief work in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Lebanon, and Syria. Below is a testimony shared from Damascus, Syria.

Victim in the slums of Bangladesh
Laos is a Buddhist and communist country
Boat carrying food from northern Thailand to Myanmar

A Testimony from the House of Hope: A Woman Hears the Name of Jesus for the First Time    

This woman and her daughter are refugees from Idlib who fled the fighting there to Damascus, where they are trying to survive. They are from a Muslim background. She has eight children: three girls and five boys, and two of the girls help her to collect plastic bottles and other discarded items. Since her husband is disabled and cannot work, she alone bears responsibility to provide for the family. The ages of her children range from 2 to 14 years old. Every morning, she and the two girls wait near a garbage container, just as if it were their workplace. She waits there all day long for people to throw away their garbage. She collects everything useful (plastic, iron, cartons…) and sells it. She feels very happy if she finds food in the rubbish to feed her children.

When HOH colleagues saw this woman, the Lord moved them to give her a package of food and share with her the love of Jesus. One of them told her, “Jesus loves you so much.” She was silent, then asked, “Who is Jesus?” This was the first time in her life she had heard of Him. The coworker told her, “Jesus is God, and He knows you, even if you do not know him. You are precious to his heart.” She said, “The whole world rejects me, and looks down on me because I spend my time here near the rubbish, but you and Jesus have come to me. Thank you and thank you, Jesus.”

News from the House of Hope Team

The woman who heard the name of Jesus for the first time

Finally, please let me share something concerning the explosion in Lebanon on August 4. Nexus responded to the crisis immediately with the Project Panshi (Mighty Rock). May Lebanon remain as solid as a rock!

Again we would like to express our thanks to everyone for your participation and your prayers. May God bless Pastor Chen, his wife, and the three churches of New Life Church with all the directors and brothers and sisters!

Sincerely, from Pastor Daniel, Sharon and Nexus Mission

Project Panshi

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for all the pastors and leaders of churches in Lebanon, that the Lord will strengthen their faith to meet all the challenges they have to face.
  • Also please pray for the coworkers of Nexus Center, who are being divided into small teams to help with relief work in Beirut. Pray they won’t catch the virus, and pray that they will be able wholeheartedly to work together with all the churches to glorify the Lord’s Name.
  • Also, please pray the Lord will help Nexus to remit the disaster assistance money to Lebanon without difficulties

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