2020 08 Project Cake – Walking Together in Love

2020 08 Project Cake – Walking Together in Love

Project Cake – Walking Together in Love


Loving means spending time caring for people and walking together with them. Coworkers responsible for Project Cake willingly spend time encouraging and caring for the families supported by the program. Every day, they send encouraging Scripture verses to these families; and also, after hearing the pastor share in a coworkers’ meeting, they often tell us the message was very good and that they are going to send it to their family in northern Olive City. It’s wonderful to see this beautiful demonstration of their love for these families!

Project Cake was begun in November, 2019, and has now been in operation for nine months. Even in this short space of time, we’ve seen the children of the families we’re helping grow and change. One of them, Polly, a girl of about 8, said to us, “We left our toys up there in the North of Olive City (i.e. in their hometowns) because your help was what gave us hope.” You can see Polly is an intelligent, understanding girl!

The Kurds – Made to Suffer, But Still Choosing to Love

When some people have to suffer their hearts become full of hatred and bitterness; but others who go through great persecution and pain become more merciful and kind toward others. The Kurds we know, and the ones we have met, belong to the latter group.

At Nexus Center one of the teachers is a Kurdish man, and we watch the way he teaches the children so kindly and gently. But after I learned of his experiences in the war, I was amazed that this polite, genteel man in front of my very eyes could have gone through such extremely distressing events.

On TV news interviews with Kurds who have fled the fighting, I’ve seen some who are grateful their family members are still alive and some who are very sorrowful for family members who were lost. Seeing their love for their families and their homes, I was also deeply moved.

Kurds Who Love Their Families and Their Homeland

Story of Isa

Grandma Isa

Grandma Isa lives with her son and  daughter-in-law. They are one of the families we support. Because she trusts us, she told us her sorrows. Through her tears she told us, “It made me feel so sad to have to leave my home, my land, and my memories, and go to a strange place.” As I watched Grandma sitting there in that room that had no furniture, nothing but a rug on the floor, weeping and pouring out her story, Isaiah 42:3 came to mind; and I thought, “O Lord! I know that You care about Grandma’s tears, and You will have mercy on her.”

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a dimly burning wick He will not quench; He will faithfully bring forth justice.” (Isaiah 42:3)

With your participation, Nexus can continue to help Grandma and other “bruised reeds” like her to open up and receive God’s love!

How can I help them?

Who is willing on behalf of Christ to become a “Cake of Figs” for them?

I am willing, for a period of one year, to provide assistance every month in the amount of USD $12 / HKD $100 / CNY ¥ 100.

I am willing to give a one-time offering of _________

Ways to Donate please click on the link below:

Nexus Project Director, Olivia Luk

Email: OL@nexusmission.org

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