The Strongest People

Dear Friends of Nexus Mission,

Judges 14:6  The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him so that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands, as he might have torn a young goat.

Spiritually strong people make time to help others even when they’re struggling with their own problems

Helping others helps your own sense of self-esteem so you’re better equipped to deal with your own problems.

Please view video clip: Urgent Prayer Needed for Lychee City

Love Refugee Camp

Lychee City — In the Fire

People are in a state of anxiety due to the civil war and chaos caused by the government. Recently one evening, 67 people trying to hide from the government military sought refuge in Love Refugee Camp. The local situation is very unstable — doctors are not working, supermarkets and banks are closed, and the internet is shut down! There’s no trustworthy source of law and order. Brothers and sisters have to hide their food: if it’s discovered by the military, they will confiscate it all. Last evening there was a big rain, and the bunkers they had dug to hide in for safety were flooded.

Love Refugee Camp Children

Pray for the spiritual lives of brothers and sisters in Lychee City. They’ve experienced many years of civil war, more than a year of the pandemic, and now again they are facing new, intense turbulence. All these difficulties, one after another, have left them feeling lost, unable to decide which way to turn.

Pray for the children in the refugee camps in the mountains. Recently it has started raining a lot, and those children catch cold easily. Brother Tai took medicine for them from China, but he couldn’t delivered it personally. Unfortunately, those people can’t read the Chinese instructions on the medicine, so sometimes they take the wrong medicine.

Pray for four refugee camp leaders who have to face many important as well as insignificant matters every day. They’re worried about the safety of the children in their camps (with robbers and fierce wild animals around). Ask God to protect them, give them strong faith, and pray that the civil war and the pandemic will be over soon.

South Asia:  Friendship City

Even though Friendship City has new cases of the virus being confirmed every day, everything is carrying on as if there were no pandemic — as if everything had returned to normal. Schools and training centers are having classes as usual, and very few people wear masks in public. But in this situation, we are continuing our work in the Lord. He is our safety and security, and He’s leading us forward to bear good fruit.

Recently seven friends in Q City from an M background received water baptism and were made new creatures in Christ!
A Widow from Q City Giving Out Food Packets
Rural Education Project — A New Afghani Students, just accepted into the program.
Photo: Rural Education Project — Many of the children are from a Hindu background and used to worship many different idols. Here we are telling them the story of Noah’s Ark.
Sunday School Students

Levant:  House of Hope, Olive City — A Dream Come True

This is Ghaith. He’s been at the House of Hope for five months. His father is dead, and his mother abandoned him and remarried; he has only his grandmother to take care of him, and they live together. Not having any parents, he’s very sensitive about his family situation. He’s an orphan, but all the teachers in the Center and his classmates love him very much.

The teacher asked the students, “What is your dream?” Ghaith’s answer was, “My dream is to celebrate my birthday.” He shared with them that no one had ever celebrated his birthday before.

Ghaith showed the teacher a small amount of money which he said was his spending money. He said, “But I’m not going to buy any snacks because I want to save it up so I can celebrate my birthday.”

When House of Hope coworkers heard this, they decided to make Ghaith’s dream come true. They bought a cake, decorated the classroom, and surprised him on his birthday, together with all his good friends.

Ghaith was overjoyed! He shouted loudly, “My dream has come true!”

Ghaith (white & red shirt) is standing in the middle of his friends.

Levant: Nexus Center, Tree City

Nexus Mission’s “Light To My Path” Project, undertaken in cooperation with Pastor David, has been helping fifty Armenian families stay warm through the winter.

This year, Tree City’s winter has been long and cold, and Armenian families have really needed help. Through the “Light To My Path” Project, kerosene is distributed for winter heating and for the purpose of establishing trust and stronger relationships. Nexus Mission is continuing to support poor families in different ethnic groups including the local people, Syrian refugees, Kurds, and Armenians, but not just with kerosene and food packets — the most important thing is spiritual food, God’s Word. When we go visit them, every family is excited to receive us; and during our visits, we teach them from the Word of God.

Distributing Kerosene – The weather has been so very cold!

Ms. Rita is a woman who lives alone and has no permanent work. When she has free time, she helps elderly people in need. When she received a food packet she said, “I’m very thankful to God! He has never abandoned me! In every circumstance He’s been my Provider and Protector.” She thanked God and Nexus Mission.

Ms. Rita Lives Alone

Nexus Center Coworkers’ Meeting: through all kinds of circumstances that have happened lately, Nexus coworkers keep on meeting, continuing with their ministries and studying together.

Nexus Center Coworkers’ Meeting
Young people in the Center are studying computer, English, crafts, Bible, discipleship and skills training, etc.

A parent of one of the Center’s young people shared that the lifestyle of their child was transformed after beginning to study the Bible. Her manner and behavior have matured a lot. Also, the young people are ensuring their future by studying different kinds of skills, since they have been prevented from finishing their studies at school. All of them are courageous young people whose spiritual life and faith are growing. Their faith is not only influencing their families, but also the people around them.

Aya is a young lady who would complain and compare herself with people all the time, which habit caused her many problems in her life. She had lost her self-confidence, but God’s power has changed her life. Now she knows that she’s chosen by God and very special in His eyes. Now when she and her parents face challenges, she no longer complains, but she goes straight to God, and she prays with boldness together with her parents.

Tree City Teenager

Dear friends of Nexus, Strong in the Lord,

May the Spirit of God move mightily in you, you strong in the Lord!   Even though you are struggling and working hard to solve your own problems, you spend time to help others. Helping others can help you to improve yourself, revive your self-confidence, and make you stronger, more prepared to face your own circumstances.

May the spirit of God who moved on Samson move in you mightily; you are strong among the strong in spirit and are our strong support!

Sincerely, Candy Nexus Mission

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