2021 05 Nexus Mission Newsletter

2021 05 Nexus Mission Newsletter

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Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6)

Dear Friends of Nexus Mission,

Joining Hands – “Sowing in Famine” Online Conference

Under the protection of the “God Who Does Wondrous Things,” the Joining Hands Conference was conducted online in May. Everything went very smoothly! Six different field workers each shared in turn about the ministries they are carrying on in Water City, Coconut City, Lychee City, Banana City, and Tree City; and Johnny, on behalf of Samson and Ava, shared about the ministry going on in Olive City.

South Asia – Water City – Lewis & Lucy

Slum Children

Lucy shares: “When we first came to Water City, we saw the slum here was much poorer than where we had previously served in China, and our hearts were deeply touched. We felt so blessed to be God’s children, but also we felt that the poor here are not only poor in material things, but they are even poorer in their thinking, and also in their spiritual condition. We believed God has a good plan for this place, so we stayed willingly to serve here, not because we have the ability to accomplish anything, but because we believe God is with us and that He will accomplish what He wants through us.” “In the 8 years we have been serving here, we feel the greatest thing we have experienced is to see people here come out of their sorrow and into joy.”

Southeast Asia – Coconut City – Thai Sister ChawChaw, Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Four Newly Arrived Orphans From Lychee City

Winnie shares: “Three months ago, due to the turbulence in Lychee City, a local pastor found four children wandering around on the streets. He couldn’t find their parents, so he sent them to Grace Center…”  

Southeast Asia – Banana City & Lychee City – Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Banana City Brothers and Sisters

Brother Tai shares, “God has done many miracles among the brothers and sisters: the paralyzed can now walk, and the demon-possessed have been set free.”

After the conference, we received feedback from various people: “If the overseas workers hadn’t shared like that, I wouldn’t have imagined there were such needy children and women…” ; “I’m going to pray for you more diligently!” ; “I wish I could be one of your coworkers…”

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are a few.” (Matthew 9:37)

Levant – Olive City/Tree City – Project Seeds

God was the One who moved us to start the Project Seeds, so we have a way to show His love to students who had lost their chance to study. That’s why we are forging ahead with ministry, hearts depending on the Lord. He surely is the God who accomplishes wonderful things! From the time we began in 2019, right up to the present time, the Lord has constantly blessed and opened more doors of ministry for us. We’re very grateful we can share now how God blessed us in the past!

Olive City – House of Hope

House of Hope Students
The House of Hope Allowing Needy Families Choose What They Need.

Because of the severity of the pandemic, the House of Hope stopped its classes in March, 2020, but stayed open for children in need. After the war, the terrible economy, and then on top of everything the pandemic, the whole situation ruined the lives of the common people, so that people who formerly were middle class now had trouble even meeting basic needs. At that time the House of Hope immediately began distributing food packets to needy families.

In June, 2020, we reopened our classes while still distributing the food packets, because in so doing we could bless more families and also establish better relationships with our students’ parents. We have many good testimonies to share from this time (please see the monthly newsletters on our website).

Our coworkers make the best of every opportunity to serve the children: besides putting their whole hearts into teaching them, they’ve done a great job planning different kinds of activities like birthday parties, women’s counseling classes, Christmas parties, Mother’s Day parties, etc.

The work of the House of Hope is no longer just teaching children, and we now have the support of many parents and many others in the local community.

A house full of love can nurture and change people’s lives!

House of Hope Activity for Parents and Children

Because parents are all busy working, they have relatively little time to care for their children, so the House of Hope has started holding some activities designed to help mothers have closer relationships with their children. Through these, we’ve seen the loving atmosphere in the families improve, and both mothers and children have more joy than they used to.

Tree City – Nexus Center

The Sunday School Children
Young People Receiving Discipleship Training

The Center was not able to continue holding classes in 2020 for two reasons: the severity of the pandemic and national social unrest. But during that time we distributed anti-pandemic supplies and food packets to families of registered students of the Center, and also to poor local Tree City families, Olive City refugees, and Armenians. We cooperated in doing relief projects with the local Red Cross as well as local communities and schools, and we’ve built good relationships with these groups.

During this time, Nexus Center’s coworkers have been diligently conducting young people’s discipleship training and Antioch Church’s Sunday school. Now we can see that the young people’s lives and the Sunday school children have grown a lot.

Right now is an extremely hard time for the people living in both Olive City and Tree City, yet it certainly also is the best time for us to share the great hope we have through the Gospel. We thank God, because through our limited ability He has accomplished a great deal of good work, and He will complete the good work that he began in your heart as well!

Sincerely, Olivia, Nexus Mission

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