2021 06 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2021 06 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

South Asia – Water City

Water City’s Coffee Shop is under renovation

Lewis & Lucy

Personal and Family

  • Pray for peace and health for their whole family and also that they’ll be sensitive in their spirits.
  • Pray they can keep good relationships and have good prayer times with both sides of the family via the internet.
  • Pray for their eldest daughter for her schooling for the last half of this year. May God lead them to the right school.


  • Their coffee shop in Water City is about to have the kitchen remodeled, and to hire a chef. May God give wisdom to Lewis and provide all the needs of the coffee shop.
  • May God protect and bless Lewis’ health and the health of their workers. May they be covered by the blood of Jesus.
  • May the things they have purchased from China arrive at their place smoothly; may God make the way plain and clear.

Jeremy & Iris

Personal and Family

  • Continue to pray for Iris’s work and studies; may God give her enough strength.
  • May God protect the health of the two children.
  • Jeremy is staying in Korea now. He wants to learn some skills which he can use when he returns to Water City. Pray for his studies.


  • Pray for the ministry that God is preparing for them in Water City. May the Lord open the way for them.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope children are singing and dancing

Samson & Ava

Personal and Family

  • Since Ava’s father passed away she has felt more responsibility for her mother, and at the same time she has responsibilities for her own family and for the House of Hope. Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s leading.
  • All the pressure has made Ava feel far from God. Pray she draws close to Him.
  • Ava’s younger brother is living in Sweden. He feels lonely, discouraged, and helpless; and he’s looking for a job at this time. Pray God will be with him and provide his needs.


  • May the Lord protect them, their team, and the House of Hope children all through the pandemic.
  • Pray for their team members to have a spirit of unity, and that each one keeps a good relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for peace, strength, and wisdom for their team members.

Levant – Tree City

Nexus Center’s young people are learning computer

Peter & Sally

Personal and Family

  • Pray for them both for breakthrough in being able to discern God’s will.
  • Pray for their lives to become more pleasing to the Lord.
  • Pray for the two children to have hearts to receive instruction and to love God and people.


  • Pray for them to be able to manage the team better, and for the main coworkers to have one heart and mind to walk together.
  • Pray for the young people to live the life of Christ, to have the character of Christ, to be able to hear the Word and put it into practice.
  • In their discipleship training they can find more and better ways to conduct training.

Brother Enoch

Personal and Family

  • Pray for his relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for his older sisters plan for her work.
  • Pray for his studies and his work to go well.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Banana City’s family

Brother Tai & Xiao Ling

Personal and Family

  • Brother Tai feels very distressed because of all the difficulties that brothers and sisters in Lychee City and Banana City are facing and because of their weak faith. May God strengthen brother Tai’s faith, and keep him in an intimate relationship with Himself.
  • Pray for Brother Tai’s three children’s studies, and for their health.

Banana City Ministry

  • Recently in Banana City in the pandemic lockdown, there were two pregnant sisters about to give birth, but because they couldn’t go anywhere and each one’s labor was so difficult, they both died, and their babies died too. Their husbands are both very grieved. May the Lord comfort these families!
  • In order to survive, brothers and sisters in Banana City have been planting chili on the mountainside, but the place where they planted is having severe drought. May the Lord send rain for them!
  • Chinese brothers and sisters bought honey for the brothers and sisters in Banana City and took up an offering for them, and Brother Tai used it to buy them some goods, and changed what was left of the offering into their local currency and sent it to them, taken by Banana City brothers and sisters. But on the way back they encountered government soldiers who confiscated all their goods. They felt very discouraged! Pray God comforts them and supplies all their needs!
  • Some hoodlums from the border area came and took all the items of value from the homes of the brothers and sisters in the mountains, and they also took weapons and injured some of the older people in their homes. May God comfort those who have been robbed and healed those who have been injured!

Lychee City Ministry

  • The civil war in Lychee City continues to make people’s lives worse. There are more and more refugees in the mountains.
  • Pray for the brothers and sisters in Banana City and Lychee City and declare God’s authority, righteousness, love, and mercy in this situation: God will be with His people in the midst of this great difficulty! May God open ways for them so that even in the midst of disaster they can get hold of God and have His heavenly peace and provision in their lives!

Brother Yuen


  • Because of the pandemic, Brother Yuen hasn’t been able to go to the field where he was doing ministry and is now working on a pig farm as his ministry platform. Pray he will soon be able to return to his ministry work in Banana City.

Southeast Asia – Coconut City

The army of Lychee City dropped grenades on the people who fled to the mountain

Thai Sister Chaw Chaw & Hong Kong Sister Winnie

Personal and Family

  • Winnie’s eldest son and her younger brother want to change jobs; may the Lord open the way for them.
  • Right now Winnie is quarantining at home because on May 20th she went to a place where the pandemic was breaking out. Pray she didn’t catch the virus.


  • The pandemic has broken out in Coconut City. Pray that all the people in Grace Center will be kept safe.
  • The societal upheaval and pandemic situation in Lychee City have affected the families of every one of the children in Grace Center. Please pray for these children’s families!

Southeast Asia – Chili City

The fruit of Chili City’s new believers

Zane & Nancy

Personal and Family

  • Pray Zane and Nancy will stay healthy.
  • Pray Zane and Nancy will come into greater unity and they each will also draw closer to the Lord.


  • Pray for all the Wa people; May the Lord cleanse this land and prepare the people’s hearts here for Himself. The fruit they’re reaping is increasing, so they need more coworkers. Pray God send them more coworkers.
  • Pray for their decision to continue their kindergarten’s ministry, or to stop it temporarily, in July. If God wants them to continue this ministry, may He provide what they need.
  • Pray for them to have wisdom to teach the Truth and to bring up their disciples.
  • Pray for unity in the families of the brothers and sisters they are pastoring.
  • Pray for the brothers and sisters among them who are sick.

South Asia – Friendship City

Friendship Country Children

Giles & Joan family

Personal and Family

  • Pray for the two children adopted by the Giles family to grow up healthy. Pray for their school and their studies.
  • Pray the pandemic ends soon.
  • Pray for their disciple (Usman) and their younger son John’s marriages, that they can find suitable wives.
  • Pray for their visas.


  • The students in Q City read the Bible every day; pray they understand God’s heart.
  • Giles is going soon to Q City to minister to students and young people there. Pray they can get into Q City without any problems.
  • Pray their ministry in Q City opens for them a wide door of ministry to the Middle East.

Africa – Mineral City

Mineral City’s Brothers and Sisters

Duke & Sandy

Personal and Family

  • Pray the Lord protect their parents and give them peace and joy.
  • May the Lord expand their territory. May he protect husband and wife to be safe and healthy and may He make their way firm.
  • Pray for them to be able to get permanent resident cards.


  • Thank God that during the past year or so the Lord has protected and blessed their meeting, and they had no cases of the virus. May the Lord continue to protect the brothers and sisters in their group.
  • Pray God will send revival to their church; the brothers and sisters will be in unity, love one another, be zealous for the Gospel and witness more for the Lord.
  • Continue to pray for their plan to buy land and build a church building, and pray the local government quickly approve their plans.

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