2023 08 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

2023 08 Nexus Mission Prayer Letter

Special Prayer Request: A 40-ft container from Hong Kong to Tree City will depart in early September. Pray that our goods’ collection and container loading go smoothly.

Warehouse where goods are collected for 40-ft container.

South Asia — Friendship Country/Middle East – Ruby City

Friendship Country children

Giles & Joan family

Personal & Family

  • Thank God, we successfully completed our overland journey, which we started in May, traveling from the Middle East all the way to our hometown. We arrived safely back in Ruby City on the 20th of August.
  • Pray for our family’s obedience to our calling to serve in the Middle East.
  • Pray for a companion for our younger son to walk this Heavenly Road.
  • Pray for the work of co-worker Usman and his wife in the Middle East.

Ministry: Ruby City

  • Pray for our college student ministry here.

Ministry: Friendship Country

  • Pray for the Q City college students in our training program.
  • Pray for people in the villages we have visited, that their hearts will be drawn by God’s Word to receive the Gospel.

South Asia – Water City

Water City Child

Lewis & Lucy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for good health for our parents, and ask God to protect and take care of them.
  • Pray for our two daughters to adjust to the environment in China and to have a good time with other family members.


  • Bless our brothers and sisters in Water City who help to look after the shops, and ask God to give them wisdom to deal with all problems.
  • Pray for the chef and the barista, and pray that all the affairs involved in running the new shop will go smoothly.
  • Pray for our community visitation work, for the women’s and children’s small group studies. May God open the eyes of their hearts so they receive Christ as Most Precious.

Jeremy & Iris

Personal & Family

  • Pray for my studies and for the health of our two children.
  • Pray for my wife’s work. She is now working as a teacher in a school for the handicapped. May the Lord give her more strength.


  • Thank God for the smooth short-term mission trip to Water City with two young people in July.
  • May God give us wisdom to encourage and give practical help to the Chinese workers in Water City.

Norman & Linda

Personal & Family

  • Thank God that our children no longer have any fever.
  • Pray for our son’s and daughter’s studies, as they missed a lot of classes during the pandemic. In the new semester, may the Lord help them study and give them wisdom.
  • Pray for our health. Recently, dengue fever has been very a serious problem here, even for our co-workers and family members.


  • There has been some progress in our process of obtaining security permits. Pray that God will continue to work and move the relevant government officials so our permits are fully approved.
  • Pray that we will be able to find suitable spiritual covering and suitable work.
  • May the Lord bless the work we did in cooperation with a short-term mission team; may He bless this land and reach unreached people!

Africa – Mineral City

We are happy to gather in our new renovated Church

Duke & Sandy

Personal & Family

  • Pray for both of us for our health.
  • Pray for our parents back in China, that God will keep them safe, healthy, and joyful every day.


  • Pray for our Bible study meetings and discipleship training, that more lives will be built up for His service.

Levant – Olive City

House of Hope Students

Samson & Ava

Personal & Family

  • Samson has a brother living in the United States who came to Olive City to visit relatives in August. Pray that we have a good time together.

Ministry: The House of Hope

  • Thank God for a man who fled to southern Olive City due to the earthquake. Because of our home visit and his personal experience of the Lord’s help, he received the Gospel. Pray for his spiritual growth and the healing of his legs.
  • The Lord has opened the door for us to visit some new families. We give them food packs and the Gospel. May the Lord give us wisdom to answer their questions and maintain good relationships with them.
  • We plan to serve in a war-affected area; pray for the families there. Pray for us to bring joy and peace to these families.
  • Pray for our 3-week youth training class starting in mid-August, that the Lord will touch the hearts of the students so that they will understand His will better.
  • Four or five members of the team are leaving for different reasons. May the Lord provide suitable co-workers for us.

Levant – Tree City/Olive City

Nexus Center Student

Ministry: Tree City – Nexus Center

  • Ministry of Education: Nexus Center has changed class hours to allow more students to return to the center to study. Children and parents are very happy.
  • Youth Ministry: Pray for more youth to be blessed.
  • Church: Pray for the team to lead and shepherd the Lord’s sheep wisely.
  • Pray for Vera, a co-worker of the Center. She just finished foot surgery. Pray for her smooth recovery.

Ministry: Olive City – Nexus Olive City Center

  • Women’s Ministry: Pray the Lord helps each of the participating women to grow.

Southeast Asia — Coconut City

Grace Center Children are happy to receive gifts

Thai Sister ChawChaw and Hong Kong sister Winnie

Personal & Family

  • May God bless us with healthy bodies so we can journey further for the Lord.
  • ChawChaw accidentally flipped over a motorcycle in mid-August and injured her leg bone. The operation went well afterwards. Pray for her smooth recovery.
  • Pray for our unsaved family members that the Spirit of the Lord will move their hearts.

Ministry: Grace Center

  • Thank God that Nexus Foundation registration was approved.
  • Pray for smooth completion of all remaining procedures to establish the Foundation and purchase five Rai of land (8,000 square meters) in September.
  • May the Lord send faithful servants to Grace Center to share in this work! Pray for ChawChaw’s daughter (AiAi) to have faith to serve.

Southeast Asia – Banana City, Lychee City

Banana City Children

Brother Tai & Sister Ling

Personal & Family

  • Pray for me (Brother Tai) to get back my passport so that I can go to Banana City and Lychee City without hindrance.
  • Recently, concerned departments came to my house to question me, but they didn’t find any evidence against me. May God protect me, strengthen my faith, and give me wisdom.


  • The county where I live, Lychee City, and Banana City are all severely affected by mosquitoes. Many people have dengue fever and malaria, and the situation is serious. May God heal and protect the people.
  • My wife and co-workers have taken my children, along with some “left behind” children (left at home in rural areas by parents who have gone to work in the cities) to visit some cities. May God keep them safe and healthy! …and may they experience God and broaden their horizons.
  • Lychee City: The weather is extremely hot this year. The orphanage on the mountain is in urgent need of medicines, food, fans, and mosquito repellent. May God provide help and healing to the children!
  • Banana City: The persecution of the brothers and sisters on the mountain is serious. May God strengthen everyone’s faith, give mercy and grace, keep them safe, and supply all their needs.
  • Banana City: The brothers on the mountain brought some tea and honey, and there was still 30 catties (15 KG) left unsold. Pray for God’s blessing to sell it as soon as possible so they can buy supplies for daily living.

Southeast Asia – Chili City

You Fu Center Children

Zane & Nancy

Personal & Family

  • I (Zane) have had severe rheumatism in my knees. May God heal me and give me faith.
  • My wife Nancy went to visit family and friends in several places. May God keep her safe, help her to preach the Good News with wisdom and bring blessings and encouragement everywhere she goes.

Ministry: YouFu Center

  • Pray the son of a sister co-worker in Banana City will obtain his residence registration document speedily.
  • Pray for the brothers and sisters in the uremia patient’s fellowship; may God heal them, strengthen their faith, and keep them strong and joyful.
  • May God lead the work of YouFu Center; pray that we understand God’s will!

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